Is there a silent killer sitting in your copy and marketing messages?

I was just doing a copy review with a client.  A long-time client who writes very good copy.

But when we got to one particular call-to-action, it just fell flat.

I knew I wouldn’t respond, if I were the prospect.

Funny thing is, this CTA wasn’t unique.

In fact, most small business advertising has this exact same CTA.

But when I put myself in the head of the prospect, I would NOT take action.

Then back in my copywriting head, I was able to explain why.

I proceeded to breakdown what could easily be the #1 sales killer in all copy, marketing, advertising, and selling messages…

It’s a feeling you create in your prospects.

A feeling that will completely stop them in their tracks.

A feeling that will make it so you don’t get the lead, the customer, the sale, the profits.

The good news?

Understanding it is the first step to eliminating it.

Oh yeah, and make sure you watch until the end because this also answers the long copy vs. short copy debate and I break that down for you, too.

Find out what this #1 sales killer is and how to eliminate it in today’s episode…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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