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Testimonials for Roy Furr

“Roy is not just a great copywriter but now an industry leader as well.”
Brian Kurtz

Business Builder at Boardroom, Inc./BottomLine, Founder, Titans Marketing

“One of the biggest things I’ve gotten from this engagement is confidence in my ability to write copy.”
– Tim Alwell

Client Acquisition Specialist & Senior Copywriter, Clients & Community

“The biggest kind of objective, tangible change has been the significant increase in the sales conversions… That’s the biggest objective proof that it’s worked.”
– Dr. Kevin Mao, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Owner of Body and Balance Restoration

$9 EPC! … Usually when we roll out a new funnel, we have to go to work on parts of it to improve conversion… But this thing just came out of the gates screaming.”
– Patrick Riddle

Founder & CEO, Awesome REI 

“I don’t like to put anything out there that’s really important, that’s gotta move the needle, without running it past Roy.”
Perry Marshall

The world’s most-quoted authority on Google advertising, Best-Selling Author of The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads, 80/20 Sales & Marketing

“In terms of numbers, that’s an 8,300% annual ROI from the review, just from that one little nugget that I got right there.”
– Shiv Shetti

Creator of the Flaming Camel approach for copywriters to get retainer clients.

How I Create Breakthroughs…

The following videos give can you some idea of my unique thinking that helps me create fast breakthroughs for you.