“We share ideas that grow businesses.”  That was the founding principle behind Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, and it continues to be a guiding light to this day.

At its core, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets is a daily email written by direct response copywriter and business growth consultant Roy Furr.

Each daily email focuses on one big idea, and topics span copywriting, marketing, advertising, selling, business growth strategy, mindset, productivity, and a whole lot more.

Roy’s goal in writing Breakthrough Marketing Secrets is to help you get at least 1% better at marketing and business-building every week.  Why 1%?  It’s something he learned from perhaps the world’s greatest copywriter, Gary Bencivenga.  Through the miracle of compounding, improving yourself 1% every week leads to exponential growth of your abilities — and puts you in “untouchable” territory.

Roy has experienced this growth for himself over the first decade-plus in marketing and business, and wants to share the rewards with you.

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