Will you FAIL as a copywriter?

I think that’s the fear at the root of this very common question.


My biggest challenge is in believing any of these practices will actually work for ME in terms of making me $$. It’s like I have a mental block, a big grey brick in my path, that prevents me from thinking it will really work.

I am a pretty good writer, I know that from all sorts of sources. I just find it so difficult to get over the hump of believing anything will work for me, so I don’t implement. It is really sad! LOL.

If I was my own best friend I would tell me to get over my pathetic pity party and get TF on with writing. I won’t give up until I slay this freakin dragon.

Thanks for asking Roy :). Needless to say I didn’t edit this…

– Michelle

Today, I answer this question.  And make sure to watch to the end because the way I re-word the question makes all the difference in the world in your success.

Discover the answer to “Will copywriting work for me?” in today’s episode…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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