You’ve probably been told the best way to get good at copywriting is to hand-copy successful ads and sales letters in your own handwriting…

This advice goes back to Gary Halbert — but is probably even older than that.

And frankly, I know many successful copywriters have followed this advice…

And become A-list copywriters!

I’ve also met plenty of novices who’ve done the same thing…

And are still novices!

And I’ve met A-list copywriters who’ve never done this, as far as I know.

In other words, it’s NOT a magic pill you can take, and wake up a successful copywriter.

But I’m still getting questions from copywriters who wonder about this.

So I thought I’d break down some pros and cons, plus alternative practices that could make you an even better copywriter.

Don’t hand-copy another ad or sales letter from a famous copywriter until you check out today’s episode!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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