I hate tripwire funnels…

Yes, they work.

And I don’t actually hate them for the structure or anything.

In fact often when I work with clients I’m recommending some variation on a tripwire funnel.

Because it’s often the best way to get new customers and clients at good economics.

But, there’s a problem with these tripwire funnels.

It’s all in the framing.

The story implied in the name.

And how that defines your entire customer relationship.

Which I firmly believe has long-term implications for your ability to form a high-value relationship with that new customer.

There’s another term I heard at Titans of Direct Response from Ryan Lee, that I prefer instead, and I want to explain why…

Check out today’s episode on Tripwire Funnels vs. Welcome Mat Funnels…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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