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On to today’s topic — which is kind of related…

Last year I made a big mental shift.  And it’s started to change everything about my business very dramatically.

I started reaching out for helping hands.

I’ve prided myself for a long time on being able to get by and succeed on my own.  Making my own success.

And, it’s worked pretty well!

But more and more, I’ve started to realize just how consistently the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and leaders are reaching out for help.

Coaches.  Assistants.  Mentors.  Mastermind groups.  Consultants.  Partners.  Employees and contractors.

The list goes on.

The leader defines the vision.  They have some spark that moves people to get behind them.  They start the ball rolling.

But then, in order for everything to really come together, they assemble a whole team of support around them.

And together, the team is able to accomplish far more than any one could do individually.

I’ve been experiencing this in my life…

The latest, that made me really think of this, is that I’m now in discussions with a potential JV partner, to help me really provide even more value to YOU!

I’ve got a ton of incredible content and ideas that are locked up in my head.  And while I have this daily essay series that I can use to share some of this stuff, it’s incomplete.

If all I had to do was focus on creating content and continuing to work with entrepreneurs for inspiration and ideas, I’d have a TON to offer.

But it’s when I have to start worrying about all the other little details that life swirls around me and suddenly I’m back to client work and daily essays — with no higher-level contribution to give you.

And so I started thinking, “What if I were to bring someone in who could make sure everything was in place for me to continually churn out some really high-value content?”

It developed from there.

Roles are being defined.  Opportunities are being considered.

Nothing’s final, yet.  But there’s momentum starting to build.

And it may mean some really interesting things to come later in the year.

A lot of people think of reaching out for this kind of help as an expense.  And truthfully, it is.  But it’s also a multiplier — if you find the right help.  They help you create revenue that wouldn’t have existed without them.  They help you go after opportunities you might have never prioritized without their helping hand available to you.

How can you apply this in your life?

Well, you have areas of what you do that are the highest and best use of your time.

Dan Sullivan calls them your “Unique Abilities.”

It’s the areas of your life where you’re hard — if not impossible — to replace.

Identify those.  And start to ask yourself, “What do I need to do to focus on my unique abilities most of the time, instead of just some of the time?”

And, “Who can help me multiply the value of my unique abilities?”  And they can multiply the value by helping you focus on it more, or providing some extra juice to what you can accomplish on your own.  (For example, having the right coach or parter or mastermind group who “gets” you and what you do, and who can help you vet and improve your ideas.)

This may mean bringing in people who can help you get rid of smaller tasks.  It may mean bringing in others who can help you accomplish bigger ones.

I know, as a freelancer, it’s been hard for me to think this way.  Working for yourself feels antithetical to having a team working with you.

And yet, in today’s ultra-connected world, there are all sorts of opportunities for collaboration and cooperation that you can do without getting an office, without hiring full-time employees, and without changing that much about how you go through your day.

You just have to figure out what will work for you.

And now for the shameless self-promotion in my closing thoughts…

Tying this back around, sometimes reaching out for help includes asking for a qualified and informed opinion on your work.

If you’ve been working on something that’s mostly in your head (like writing a sales letter or creating some other marketing piece), it is usually very helpful to reach outside of yourself and get a qualified opinion on it.

If you have copy that you want to perform at its best…  Or if you’re looking for ideas to make your best copy perform even better…

A copy review is a really smart investment in a “helping hand.”

You’ve got until midnight to ask for my helping hand at a price that’s probably cheaper than you’ll ever see again — just $500.

I know it’s not a fit for everyone…

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Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr