4723888594_c04abeeebd_z source:https://www.flickr.com/photos/mike_nelson/4723888594Wow!  It’s been a heck of a day.

I wrote you an email earlier today, with only the sparsest details of what happened.  I wanted to wait for my regularly daily issue to fill you in on the full story.

I’d set my alarm for 4 AM this morning.  It’s a little earlier than I normally get up, but I wanted to get a jump on my day.

I turned off my alarm, and my wife had already gotten out of bed.  Not a huge surprise — she’s often a very early riser.

I heard her in the kitchen, running the water, as I got up to use the restroom.  Probably making coffee.

I go into our master bathroom and shut the door.

As I’m doing my business, I hear the water in the kitchen turn off, and footsteps in our bedroom.

I assume it’s my wife — so far, nothing too strange.

Then, I step out of the bedroom, and a big shadow runs by me.  Instantly, I knew it wasn’t my wife!


…  I scream.  My wife would later tell me it sounded like a dog barking.

I see a flashing red flashlight, and what I’d later discover was my iPad, rushing for our front door.

I chase.

Our bedroom is across the entryway from the door, so pretty soon he’s got one hand on the storm door, trying to open it.

I catch up.

Survival instincts are kicking in.

My sleeping kids are in their room.  My wife is in the house…  Somewhere.  A flash of fear for her safety — and the kids.

My minimal Taekwondo training kicks in.  (Thanks Master Longoria!)

I ball my hands into fists, and start swinging.  Straight for his head.

At this point, I don’t know who this is.  I don’t know if he’s armed.  I don’t know if he’s going to turn around and start attacking me.  So my goal is to inflict as much damage, as fast as possible, to either minimize the threat or get him the f— out of the house.

I know if he’s trying to block his face, he can’t do much.

He tries to hide his head behind his shoulder.  I land 5 or 6 good punches.  All across his shoulder, neck, and maybe the back of his head.

All of this is happening in the 2 seconds or so it takes him to finally get the storm door open.

He bolts.

Drops his flashlight on the way out.  Not our iPad though…

I chase him out the door, and watch as he runs down the street.

My wife comes rushing into the living room, sees me, and calls 911.

Within 5 minutes, the police have as many as 5 cars at our house.  Including a K9 unit.

They’re crawling the neighborhood.  Establishing a perimeter.

I’m telling my story to the lead officer on the case, and news comes in that they got someone.

A guy walking around across the neighborhood with a backpack full of things that might come in handy if you’re breaking into houses.  Drill bits.  Electrical tape.  And so on.

A guy with other warrants out for his arrest.

No iPad, but they take me in the cruiser to ID the guy.

It was dark in the house.  I knew the build of this guy they had in cuffs was right, but I wasn’t confident enough in anything else to tell them they had their guy.

But they did have his flashlight, in our yard, just off our front porch.  Hopefully with prints on it.

They also found a boot print in the dirt, where we’ve been prepping for landscaping.

They took prints on our front door handle, too.

And if it’s the guy, hopefully they’ll find some bruises!

The hardest part?  Telling the kids when they woke up!

How do you even bring this up?  We didn’t feel that we could hide it from them.  And so my wife, who is much better at this than I am, tells them what happened.

I was a hero.  Someone came into our house.  I beat him up to get him to leave.  And hopefully the police caught the guy — and they’re taking him to jail.

But then, the bad news.

He took our iPad.

And the police don’t know where it is.  They can’t find it.

Their beloved “button” — with all their games — is gone!

They were concerned about the bad guy coming into the house…  They were in tears over the missing iPad!

So I ended up sending you the email this morning.  I want to get them a new iPad.

I’m going to copy and paste my offer here — and then share some lessons learned below…

So I’m going to do something that could put a ton more money in your pocket.  And you get to help me be a hero to the kids, by getting them a new iPad. 

WIN and WIN!

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Make more profits.

I spend a full hour reviewing your copy before the call.  Taking notes.  Giving suggestions.  Marking your copy up seven ways ‘til Sunday, giving you specific advice for how to make it work better.  Sometimes I even scribble in some rough draft copy that you can use.

Then, I get on the phone with you for another hour.  We go through my big picture thoughts.  Plus we review any of the specific suggestions in the document that I feel warrant extra attention.

Again, it’s worth every penny at $1,250.

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You MUST submit your order by tomorrow, Friday April 22, at 11:59 PM US Central time to get this discount.  I want to get them this new “button” ASAP, so I’m only going to make this available for 2 days, to encourage fast response.

Again, I’ll share the rest of the story later — but for now, go ahead and claim your 60% and $750 discount on a copy review with me, and let’s see what kind of breakthrough we can create for your profits!


(Oh, and I don’t know if anyone will be interested in this, but I’ve fallen in love with getting calls transcribed, and using that as a rough draft for copy work.  We will take care of that for you for an extra $150, which is barely more than it will cost us to get it done by a really high-quality transcription provider I’ve found.)

Now, here are a few useful lessons I’ve picked up today!

First, lock your doors.

We live in a pretty nice neighborhood.  Low crime.  Very little worries.  We feel comfortable letting our kids play in the front yard, with no adults outside.  We love this neighborhood.

And yet, it can happen here.

We have cats that come and go, and sometimes we don’t lock the doors when we let them out or in.  You can bet we’re going to be a lot more careful about that going forward.

Second, it pays to be prepared.

My minimal Taekwondo training gave me confidence in throwing a punch.  Also, I’ve been working with a client on a product that falls into the personal defense realm — that certainly helped.

Even though we haven’t been perfect on locking doors, I’ve mentally rehearsed dealing with a defense situation enough that instincts kicked in when I needed them.

This applies in all areas of life and business.  The better prepared you are, the more control you have over the results.

Third — as they say in Washington — never let a good crisis go to waste!

Ever heard of a fire sale?  “We had a fire, our inventory is smoke damaged, and so we’ll sell it to you at low-low prices!”  Fake it, and it can fall flat on its face.  But when it’s real, a little quick thinking may lead to some really interesting results.

I’m not going to tell you the specific results of the sale I’m running on copy reviews.  But I thought it was a dang good reason to offer you a good deal.  You benefit.  I benefit.  And the kids benefit, too!  The kids will get their iPad, and everyone who signs up for a copy review at this discounted price through tomorrow night will have an opportunity for a big boost in response.

Oh, you want the link again? 🙂


(Quick note: I may need to close the $750 savings deal before tomorrow at Midnight, as my schedule is filling quickly and I need to leave room for client work!)

And remember how I said I’m working on a project for a client involving a personal defense product?  I kept thinking I needed a quick story to make the benefit of the training a whole lot broader than the specific topic being addressed in the training.  I just got it!

I’m going to find a way to even use this story in a promotion for a client!

First and foremost, I’m glad nobody is hurt (except maybe the guy who tried to mess with me!)…  But once that was taken care of, I knew I had to find one or a ton of business uses for this incredible story!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

PS — In case you think I made this whole thing up, a local TV station wrote about it and featured it on the noon news!  I declined a TV interview (I don’t like the idea of being featured for this), but they and the local paper have published stories online today.