I’ve fallen in love with using stories to sell as a copywriter…

I used to be very logical.  I still remember a promo that tried to lay out “The 7 Critical Steps to Launching Your Copywriting Business.”  Or something like that.

It was maybe a good list for a 1,000-word article.

But trying to turn it into a full sales pitch was boring.

And my copy chief, who knew what people would respond to, basically declared my pitch DOA — dead on arrival.

My next promo was story-based — and it was HUGE…

It wasn’t even that much of a story.  But there was enough of a story element to tie the whole thing together, and make it interesting to read.

And I was able to highlight the product in a much more powerful way, because of the story.

There was no rational brain filters shutting down every claim and promise.  It was just very emotional and compelling.

And it broke a big sales record at the client, and my new record stood for years.  I think in the end it made a hair over a million dollars, too.

I’ve gone on to write many more story-based promos that have made millions for clients.  Including one that I riff on a bit at the end of today’s episode.

Check today’s episode for the essential copywriting skill of telling a selling story…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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