How do you help clients create offers and find products and services to sell?

Here’s the question I got from a subscriber and am answering today…

Hey Roy! Quick question.

Let’s say you’re looking for clients in the fitness niche.

How do you think about products to sell? Do you find some list online? Or just come up with something?

Because obviously if you don’t know of the existence of a product it’s difficult to find it.

And it’s difficult to invent a lot of products.



Here’s my first reaction: good copywriters almost never get involved with offers, but great ones almost always do…

Which means my response to this question has some nuance…

Because I think you could go for years without ever being asked to do what Gabriele is asking about, and still be successful as a copywriter.

But when you get to the upper echelons, you can have far more impact (and make far more money) by helping with this versus just writing another piece of copy.

Check today’s episode for what every copywriter should know about finding or creating products and services for client offers…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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