Some emotions make people take action — others make them shut down…

In tomorrow’s BTMSinsiders Monthly Insiders Call (included with membership) I’m sharing brand-new content I’m calling The Hot SECS Method for More Emotional Copywriting.

It’s a new and proprietary formula I created to help you write more captivating emotional stories in your copy.  The kind of emotional stories that get your prospects to respond.

… And it uses four of the most powerful emotional triggers that exist for humans.

… Plus combines them in a specific story formula/outline/template/structure that you can use in almost any copy format or medium.

It leverages the power of what psychologists call high-arousal emotions

As I explain in today’s video, this concept of arousal has been proven to cause people to take actions…

And it doesn’t matter whether the arousal comes from positive emotions…  Or negative emotions…  Or even a neutral source…

If you can cause arousal, people take action in higher numbers…

And when you combine this understanding with knowing how to use emotions in your copywriting, it gets even better.

In fact, as I explain in the video, this is the secret behind what Marty Edelston described as good copy making you vibrate.

This is powerful stuff.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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