Jeff Walker is brilliant in a very specific way…

He builds simple systems to achieve complex results.

His Product Launch Formula (PLF) taps into some very powerful principles and strategies of effective marketing.

But he’s also simplified their application in a masterful way.

I want to leave it to you to discover the whole PLF process through Jeff, if you want to go deep into that.  (His new updated & expanded version of his Launch book is a great way to get started.)

But his 4-Part “Sideways Sales Letter” Framework has applications beyond PLF-style launches.

Applications he doesn’t teach.

Applications I think every copywriter or marketing message creator can consider to get more response.

That’s the focus of today’s episode.

Get my breakdown of Jeff Walker’s 4-Part “Sideways Sales Letter” Framework from his new Launch book and the Product Launch Formula here…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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