He said, “I’m BROKE AS HELL… Help?”

And I don’t want to share his whole backstory.

But broke means BROKE.

As in, not always certain about putting food on the table.

And yes, it’s in large part due to the pandemic.

But my answer is the same.

In the pandemic, out of the pandemic.

He also proceeded to list a bunch of ideas for businesses…

It’s clear he’s entrepreneurial.

It’s clear he wants to do marketing.

I understand.

And still, my answer is the same.

I have one really clear default answer to this question.

I also have some advice if you really won’t accept my default answer.

Regardless, I have some very straight talk for you if you need to make money, fast.

Check out today’s episode for my response to “I’m BROKE AS HELL… Help?”

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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