My upcoming book, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, which I'm writing while you watch on this site and in my daily emails!

My upcoming book, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, which I’m writing while you watch on this site and in my daily emails!

Hey there Rainmaker, today we’re diving into section one of my Breakthrough Marketing Secrets book…

Again, I’m writing the book as you watch… In an experiment into how crazy I can make myself this summer! 🙂

Section one is tentatively called “Your Fast Start Guide.” It’s definitely the shortest section of the book. And is meant more to help you get the most out of the book, than to teach.

That said, there ARE some great lessons here, about how to apply what you learn from anybody or anything, including me, this site, and this book.

This chapter, called “How To Use This Book” is either perfectly insane, or perfectly brilliant — you decide!

Okay, let me guess what you’re thinking… “Who is this Roy guy, and what kind of an idiot does he think I am? He starts his book with a guide on how to use a book?”

Well, yes. But not because I think you’re an idiot. Rather, because Breakthrough Marketing Secrets can be an incredibly powerful book. It can transform your business. And in doing so, transform your life.

And so I think it’s worth both your time and mine to dedicate a short PART I to helping you get the most out of this book.

Starting with three very simple ideas on how to use Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, and the strategies and tactics it contains…

Buffet vs. Blueprint…

Most readers will approach this book as they would a buffet at a restaurant. They’ll pick and choose strategies and tactics they can use right away, and put them to work.

Their goal is not to use Breakthrough Marketing Secrets in its entirety, but to put together their own personal selection of “best of” they can use in their business. (Often this goal is subconscious — but by me writing it here, we are bringing it up to the level of conscious decision.)

If you choose to use the book in as a buffet, you will enjoy more success as a result. Your investment of money and time in this book will be well-rewarded.

However, you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Rather, I encourage you to approach this book as a blueprint. You don’t have to re-build your entire business from the ground up today. Yet you should read, re-read, and implement progressively more of this book, until you’re using practically every page in your business.

This is how you’ll achieve 10X growth as a result of reading and using this book. This is what the book is made for. (This book is the complete overview of results-accountable marketing I wish I had in starting my career — the most important lessons I’ve learned through my first full decade of business-building success.) This book is designed to completely change how you think about marketing and business. And in doing so, reach into your business and give you the dramatic breakthrough you desire and deserve.

And the single-best way that you can ensure that this happens is to use Breakthrough Marketing Secrets as your blueprint to building a bigger, more profitable business.

How To Take Notes…

Whether you choose to use this book as a buffet or a blueprint, you will enjoy greater success by taking effective notes.

Here’s the single-best note taking strategy I’ve ever discovered — one I picked up at some seminar or another, though its origin now eludes me. Use this in reading this book. And use it any time you’re learning something important. It will make you a more effective learner. And, more importantly, it will make you more effective at using what you’ve learned.

You should have not one, but two places you’re taking notes.

The first should be dedicated to general notes and ideas you get while reading. The second should be limited to specific action items you wish to implement ASAP.

If you’re using a notebook, you can draw a vertical line down the middle, splitting the page in half. You can also purchase stenographer notebooks, with the line already down the middle.

If you’re going to use this split-page note-taking approach, I recommend putting your general notes on the right, and action items on the left. Because our eyes scan the left side of a piece of paper automatically, this naturally draws your eyes to the action items when reviewing the notes.

Or you can do as I often do — use a notebook for your general notes, and keep a stack of 3X5 cards for your action items. I like the ability to sit these 3X5 cards on my desk, in front of my keyboard, for easy reference later. I now carry 3X5 cards with me almost everywhere, with stashes in my bags, coat pockets, and elsewhere I might need them.

No matter which option you use, as you dive in, ensure you’re taking good notes. Both on what you discover, and on what actions you plan to take immediately as a result.

And then — the all important step… Put what you’ve discovered to work, growing your business!

Sequential vs. Concurrent Implementation…

Finally, let’s talk about implementation. So you’ve decided which ideas you’re going to use from the book. You’re ready to get started. What should you do first?

If you’re like most people, your natural inclination will be to come up with a series of ideas you’re going to implement. You’ll decide, “I’m going to implement A. And when A is fully implemented, I’ll do B. Once B is out of the way, I’ll do C…” And so on.

Stop! This style of sequential, one-after-the-other implementation will never get you anywhere. It feels safe and comfortable. But folks who implement in this way will always fall behind and eventually give up. And they won’t just give up on this book, they’ll give up on everything. Because when they move to the next thing, that will also eventually fail. Not because this book’s contents or the next thing they learn are wrong, but because the implementation was done wrong.

Here’s what to do instead. Here’s what massively successful business people do. Here’s what all high achievers do. Instead of lining up A and B and C and D… And doing one after the other… Pick out your A and B and C and D… And put your foot down on the accelerator to do them all at once!

A helpful illustration… Just imagine you’re picking ideas, and idea C is the one that’s really going to transform your business. D is going to create good results. And A and B won’t do much to move the needle — whether they’re just not a fit for your business right now, or something about your implementation makes them fall short.

If you’re in sequential implementation mode — A then B then C then D… You’ll do A, and it won’t move the needle. Then you’ll do B, and it won’t move the needle… And about this time, you’ll be thinking, “This Roy guy is a bum. Giving me all these ideas that didn’t work.” And you’ll never get to C or D…

If you’re in concurrent implementation mode — A and B and C and D all at the same time… It may take you a little bit longer to get everything tested in the market… However, you’ll get the results coming in side-by-side. And you’ll be able to see… A didn’t do that well, and neither did B. But D did a lot better. And dang — C blew it out of the water! Let’s build on C, keep testing D to improve the results, and see what E and F and G and H we can test next!

Successful people don’t wait around for one thing to be done before starting on the next. They have many irons in the fire. And I encourage you to do the same so that you can experience the maximum success possible from what you discover here in the pages of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets