What if you could see inside your prospect’s brain, while they read your copy?

If you could see the different brain regions lighting up…

Seeing how they respond if you take one approach…

Versus the completely different brain regions that light up when you take another?

This is really cool, because…

I can’t give you a brain scanner for your prospects, but I can do the next best thing.

Because I found some research where brains were scanned…

And they found something very interesting…

There’s one type of writing that goes to the deepest network inside the brain…

In fact, this is the part of the brain that scientists used to think was just our “autopilot” region that works when we’re not really thinking.

But this new research suggests this part of the brain is doing something far more important.

And it has EVERYTHING to do with sales, selling, marketing, and copywriting.

I share the full details in today’s episode of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

Watch now for better communication and more sales, thanks to science!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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