Have you heard of the Hook, Story, Offer ad copywriting formula?

It’s from Russell Brunson, of ClickFunnels fame…

…  Well, kind of…

I mean, he didn’t invent hooks, stories, or offers — and wasn’t the first one to put them in that order for ad copywriting — but he’s definitely popularizing it as a formula.

I was recently going back through his Traffic Secrets book…

And this jumped out at me as a valuable little framework to share with you.

So that’s what’s in today’s video.

But I’m not just copying Russell.

Because I’ve been doing this since 2005, and have a ton of extra insight and perspective on this.

Plus I can leverage other concepts — like PAISA — to add even more value to this lesson that you won’t even get from Russell.

So that’s what you get today.

When and how to use the hook, story, offer formula…

The secret to using this to write hundreds of different ads without writing hundreds of different ads…

How to loop in my powerful PAISA formula to make the story part of Russell’s formula even more compelling…

And more, I’m sure.

It’s all in today’s video.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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