My upcoming book, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, which I'm writing while you watch on this site and in my daily emails!

My upcoming book, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, which I’m writing while you watch on this site and in my daily emails!

Okay, today’s post is going to be pretty short.

I’m skipping Mailbox Monday this week. I’ll get back to it next week, if you send me your single-most important question about marketing, selling, business-building, copywriting, or whatever topic you dang well please, to [email protected].

But for now, I wanted to drink my own Kool-Aid.

I want to tell you what’s going on with the book I’m writing while you watch, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets. And specifically…

What I’m doing to shake things up and keep it more interesting.

You see, I’ve officially finished the first section on The Mental Game of Breakthrough Marketing. (You can read all the chapters from the book page on my site here.)

I’ve got four sections left to go, about…

— Strategies and Systems

— What You’re Selling

— How to Reach Your Customers

— Communications and Creative

And I recognize that I risk boring you to death if I just keep plowing through for the next couple months. Especially if you’re, for example, WAY more interested in the creative stuff than the marketing systems stuff.

So, what I’m going to do is keep writing these chapters… BUT… I’m going to bounce around a bunch.

I may fall into a rhythm. You’ll note, conveniently, that I have Tuesday through Friday to fill each week (assuming Mondays are reserved for Mailbox Monday). And there are four sections left. So I may put them into a little rotation. Then again, I may not. I do want to keep you on your toes.

Why I’m doing this — how I’m drinking my own Kool-Aid…

This is a good lesson in applying what you learn here in Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

Specifically, I’m referring to my chapter titled, “We’re All In The Entertainment Business…” which you can read again here.

I have a lot of goals with these daily emails.

One is selfish. By teaching, I learn. By teaching better, I learn better. And by trying to make this the world’s best FREE educational email on marketing and business-building, I’m trying to make mine the world’s best mind on marketing and business-building.

Another is benevolent. I do really wish to share as much transformational, breakthrough, useful content as possible. That you can immediately apply to improving your business, your career, and your personal sense of achievement and happiness.

Yet another — the one I was missing out on — is maybe best classified as “to entertain.” You see, success in marketing is greatly increased if you make it entertaining.

Now, I’m not talking, “Get on stage and sing and dance” entertainment. There are a lot of kinds of entertainment.

Maybe there’s comedy. Maybe there’s drama. There should certainly be an ongoing narrative, with story and character-building.

That’s a topic to go into deeper another time.

But if I’m not entertaining you, it doesn’t matter how much I educate. Because you’ll stop paying attention.

The opposite of entertainment is being boring and predictable.

Which movie are you more likely to recommend to friends? Which movie are you more likely to want to see the sequel to? Which movie are you more likely to want to watch again?

… The one that fits a formula predictably, that you can guess everything before it happens?


… The one that keeps you on your toes, surprises you, and that you can never quite figure out what’s coming next?

You know the answer.

But by choosing to write another chapter of a book every day, in order, I was doing more of the former than the latter.

That’s a problem. The main consistency in the newsletter needs to be that it shows up in your inbox every day. Preferably at the same time.

But everything else needs to keep you on your toes a bit for the entertainment factor to be high enough that it keeps drawing you back in for the education.

So… I’m going to keep you on your toes a bit here, even as I keep writing the book while you watch…

Most days, I’ll write another chapter, and deliver it on a silver platter (aka in an email in your inbox, at approximately 4 PM US Central Time, Monday through Friday).

But each will also be a chapter that stands alone, and covering whatever topic I choose for the day.

And every once in a while, I’ll throw in a curve ball, and write an email about something else entirely.

See you tomorrow!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets