Today I tackle a big myth about gaining expert status to get clients…

I know you want clients.

I know you’ve heard you need to be seen as an “expert” or “authority” to get clients.

And you’ve probably seen people (like me) who now leverage expert status to make client-getting much easier.

And I’m sure that these thoughts are at least in part behind the question I answer in today’s Breakthrough Marketing Secrets


If authority = visibility + trust + expertise, how do I fast-track these (together and in balance)…

To go from unknown to “I gotta work with him” in the least amount of time possible?



The path I give to expert status is much easier — and faster — than this question assumes…

And it will lead to paying client work much quicker, too.

>> Watch now and fast-track your expert status to get clients…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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