I want to give you a shortcut to write better copy faster…

It’s also a shortcut to more success as a copywriter, because your copy will get more engagement and perform better…

It also allows you to easily slip between media and advertising channels…

— Facebook copywriting
— Email copywriting
— VSL copywriting
— Native ads/ad network copywriting
— Even traditional print media copywriting

All using the same simple shortcut.

It involves writing like a copywriter…

And actually, how writing like a copywriter is standing in the way of your success…

So you need to STOP doing it!


I was just giving someone feedback on some Facebook ads, and I realized…

It all sounded too much like copywriting!

And if I were scrolling Facebook, wanting to see others’ posts…

I wouldn’t stop to read, for that reason alone.

Then I realized it was tied to another conversation I had recently, where the client said the worst VSL they’d had submitted by a copywriter recently…

Was the worst BECAUSE…

It read like copywriting!

Okay, this is a lot of exclamation points for one of my emails.

But I’m excited about this.

Not just because it’s a big problem.

But because I know if you fix this one thing, your copywriting will become much better, FAST.

The full explanation is in today’s video.

>> Watch now for this copywriting shortcut.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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