These ain’t yo mama’s simple sales objections…

“It’s too expensive…”

“I need to think about it…”

“I’m not ready yet…”

I know when those come out of the mouth of your prospect, they believe what they’re saying.

But they are very superficial objections.

And most of us suck at seeing more than the superficial — especially when it comes to our own psychology.

Underneath those superficial objections are a handful of DEEP objections…

As a copywriter, marketer, salesperson, other other persuader, you NEED to know the deep stuff.

Because when you go deep and answer THESE objections, all the superficial doubts disappear.

Seriously, beneath “it’s too expensive” is the belief that it’s not worth it.  And beneath that is a belief that they’re not actually going to get the result.  And beneath that could be any one of the 3 objections I reveal in today’s video.

But I don’t just reveal these objections.

I reveal how you, as the copywriter or other persuader, can answer 3 specific questions to topple each objection.

And when you do that, your prospect won’t be able to throw money at you fast enough.

Watch now to discover how to handle these 3 copywriting objections…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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