Smart copywriters are compliant copywriters…

Most of the best copywriters I know today are focused — at least in part — on compliance.

Because it doesn’t matter how compelling your copy is…

If you can’t run it, you can’t scale.

If your ad gets blocked from running on an ad network, like Facebook…

Or worse, you get banned…

(Or worse still, you get your client banned!)

The persuasiveness of your copy doesn’t mean patooey.

The other day, Facebook-compliant copywriting expert Ed Reay said you have to “make claims that win court cases…”

I thought it was brilliant.

Because not only does it highlight a principle that will help you nail compliant copywriting…

It also speaks to the problem Facebook’s compliance department is trying to solve when they block your ads from running in Facebook…

They don’t want Facebook to get sued because you write scummy ads!

That’s why tomorrow I’m hosting a call with Ed for my BTMSinsiders members, on “Writing High-Converting Facebook-Compliant Copy.”

(Insiders: Check the event in the Facebook group, or watch for my final reminder tomorrow to preregister — I also emailed last week.  If you’re not a member yet, you can join before tomorrow and join us on the call live.  Plus it will be added to the training catalog.)

Today, I preview the topic with some of my own personal experiences and rules for writing compliant copy…

Including some good news about how this topic can actually INCREASE your conversions.

>> Watch now for Copywriting, Compliance, & Conversions…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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