Can you make me — your prospect — FEEL your emotions?

Can you make me feel the depth of despair you felt when you were struggling to solve your problem?

Can you make me feel the relief and joy you felt when the problem was finally solved?

Can you take me along for your lowest lows, and your highest highs?

And then can you tie that journey back to the offer you’re going to make me?

Communicating emotion is an absolutely essential copywriting skill, if you want to be truly great…

But it’s not about the words, or describing emotions at all.

It’s about something deeper.

More powerful.

More profound.

And when you do it right, your prospect will be completely open and ready when you back up the emotion with the logic behind their purchase.

Discover how to communicate emotion in your copywriting in today’s episode…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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