"Drop and give me 20 headlines!"  ...  Or not quite...  :)

“Drop and give me 20 headlines!” … Or not quite… 🙂

One of my unlimited copy coaching clients wrote me today.

We’d sat down and created a plan for how she could break into a brand new market with her copywriting and consulting biz.

And this isn’t one of the traditional direct response markets, so I gave her a bit of a different approach.

This approach is one that can get you in with executives and decision makers at your ideal, clients, fast. And not just “in” but getting a warm welcome.

I told her that she needed to develop a media platform of her own (a book, podcast, blog, or other type of media will do — certain ones work better than others). And I told her she needed to reach out to them to interview them and feature them in her media. (I gave her a lot more specifics — and if you want to hire me as a copy coach for you, I’ll give you more specifics too!)

She was gung-ho on this approach as she planned it out and got started.

And then she got stuck.

She hit a wall.

She just couldn’t do it.

She had some “inner game” stuff that came up, and she couldn’t get through it on her own.

So we got on the phone for an hour, and talked through it.

I gave her some context that would allow her to break through the barriers. Simple things. Reminders of things she already knew to be true — but wasn’t applying in this situation.

After our call, she took action.

And when she wrote me today, she told me…

“I’d like to talk to you for 15 minutes, but I’m too busy, sorry!”

Turns out she’s having a ton of conversations with all her best prospects. Starting from zero when she brought me in as a coach.

Yes, I write this to brag.

But I also write this to tell you this is something you can do, too.

You don’t even have to wait for the RIGHT THING to do — just do SOMETHING. See how it works. If it works well, do more. If it doesn’t work well, try something else.

But take actions — even little ones — starting today.

Those little actions will add up to huge breakthroughs in the long run.

Here’s that link for the unlimited coaching again.

I can only handle one or two more folks at this time. But if that’s you, I think you’ll find it to be a worthy investment. Another of my clients just wrote me about an opportunity I connected her with, “I know it’s life-changing for me.”

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets