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If you're the OWNER or FOUNDER of an established, successful business
and you're ready to increase sales and profits within the next 90 days...
I'll personally dig into your business, 
1-on-1, and help you uncover
"Let me help you enjoy:
More leads, more customers, more sales, more profits...  and more FREEDOM in your business..."
  • Get more high-value customers at the lowest possible cost...
  • Maximize conversions, cart-value, and profits in your funnel... 
  • Boost each customer's lifetime value with your business... 
Are you a fit for a Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation?  Read below and apply to find out...
Here are some of the proven successful results my clients have enjoyed...
Which would YOU most like to see in your business?
$500,000 more profit per year with a single idea: 
In a consultation with one client, I gave his team a single idea to test that instantly increased the profits of one product by $500,000 per year.

Over 40% more qualified leads for a $30,000 mastermind: 
After testing my suggestions for his lead generation funnel, one of the world's top Facebook marketers ($1 billion plus in client results) increased his own lead flow by 40% for a $30,000 annual mastermind program.

The #1 seller on Clickbank for months on end: 
Another client turned to me as he was re-launching his Clickbank funnel, and after implementing my suggestions held the #1 selling product on all of Clickbank for approximately a year.  This position can generate millions of dollars worth of traffic for your business.  (I don't normally do Clickbank, but when I do...)

And more: 
I've helped clients multiply revenue and profits, land a spot on the Inc 500|5000 list, break sales records, generate quick cash flow infusions, fill seminar rooms, sell out of products, generate leads by the thousands, and more.
The question is...
What can I do for you?
Before we get into all the specifics of the Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation, let's address a couple quick questions...
  • "How do I know you can help in my unique business/industry?"
I don't know YOUR unique business.  I wouldn't pretend to.  I may not even know or have experience in your industry or market.

That's OK: I focus on universal principles and top-down strategies that apply across markets, for selling to human beings.  And I work with you to identify the techniques and tactical implementations to use them in your business.  To maximize leads, customers, sales, and profits.

I take universal profit-boosting strategies, and show you how to adapt them to your specific situation.

And, in fact, this is an advantage.  Most businesses overestimate their differences.  And underestimate the opportunity in cross-pollinating ideas from other businesses, industries, and markets.  They copy the same ineffective strategies of all their peers.  When really they should be looking outside their industry for breakthroughs.  (Example: The "fast food" drive through was borrowed from banks...  And look at what an impact it had!)

Here's what I can tell you: If you're using results-accountable marketing to get human beings to take action, I can help!  We'll take universal principles and proven strategies, and find the best fit for your business and industry.
  • "How do I know you'll increase profits in my business?"
Here's a shocking statement: You and I don't know this will increase your profits, or by how much.  

Daring to admit, I know.  But, also 100% honest.

The biggest barrier: I don't know how well or how fast you'll implement...  Or even that you'll implement at all!  Take the $500,000 profit increase above.  That came from a 5-minute conversation.  I told the client to test a price point that would double his profits-per-sale, after market research suggesting it was a fair price.  From that point forward, it was on him.  He ran the test right away.  He measured results and declared a winner within a couple weeks.  And he enjoyed an instant profit increase, and enough additional ongoing profits to more than pay off his lake house in under two-years' time.  I gave him the $500,000-per-year idea.  Yet if he hadn't implemented, the same recommendation would have been worth $0.  Every success is a combination of ideas plus implementation...  One doesn't work without the other.

That said, the Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation process is designed beginning-to-end to maximize your probability of success and increased profits.

NOTE: I won't work with you unless we both see opportunity.  We'll get into more specifics below, but here's what you need to know for now.  I won't even let you give me money unless and until I know you're a fit.  The Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation starts with a 45-minute qualification and application call, to help me understand your business, your challenges, and the opportunity.  If you're not a fit or I don't believe I can help you, we'll stop there and you're out nothing.
  • "Can't I just HIRE YOU?"
For the most part, no.  As I'm writing this, I've turned away 3 of the world's biggest, most successful direct response publishing firms, in just the last few weeks.   The direct response industry's leading business-builders are beating on my door with lucrative offers to help them grow, and I'm even turning them down.

At this point, I've extremely limited the number of new clients I'm willing to take on in the service side of my business.  And any kind of client arrangement comes at many multiples of the price at which I'm able to offer a Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation.   This is the next-best-thing.  It's a way to get my best thinking, "custom fit" and applied to your business, for you to run with.

IF, AFTER WE'RE DONE, YOU NEED MORE...   I won't necessarily leave you in the dark.  If you do need specific and relevant services to implement some of my recommendations...  And I believe you're a fit...  I can introduce you to my trusted network of service providers.  And for the best fits and the best opportunities, I can also advise you regarding ongoing opportunities to work directly with me.
Who this is and is not for...
The Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation is NOT a fit for every business!
  • You ARE a fit if...
#1: You have an extreme prejudice for implementation.

#2: You're the owner, founder, or the top executive of your business...  This is for check-writers and decision-makers ONLY!  I can't get nearly the same results working bottom-up as I can top-down, and so I need participation from the top.

#3: Your business has a minimum of $250,000 revenue...  Less, and your infrastructure and resources are unlikely to be able to handle the kinds of opportunities this Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation is likely to uncover.  There is no maximum, though the sweet spot is up to about $25 million, or simply by focusing on one brand or division in a larger company.

#4: You are a true believer in the principles and strategies of direct response, results-accountable marketing. 

#5: You have a "fail fast" mindset, are willing to test a lot of things quickly, and learn and adapt based on results.

#6: You have significant prospect and/or customer list, AND/OR a significant controllable traffic source (such as an active paid advertising program).
  • You ARE NOT a fit if...
#1: You simply want to bounce around ideas...  This is not meant for your "intellectual entertainment."  I want implementors who will apply my recommendations and create results worthy of case studies!  (Side note: Yes, I want to do a case study on your success.)

#2: Your business is too new or too small...  The Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation is an accelerator, not a lifeline.  You must have significant resources and momentum in place to make this worthwhile.

#3: Your aim is "organic" growth or you are unwilling to spend to get customers...  My focus is on making the most of controllable traffic sources: paid traffic, your current customer or prospect list, and more.  With the right resources in place, we may be able to create cash flow infusions at no cost, however you should be prepared to make justifiable investments in customer acquisition as well.
How the Profit Breakthrough
Private Consultation is structured:
Here's what you get...
  • First, you must go through my qualification and application process...
Before you even spend a dime, I'll ask you to schedule a quick call with me, including giving me some basic information about your business and why you're requesting this consultation.

The scheduler is at the bottom of this page, but please read first!

In addition to scheduling a 45-minute Zoom video call with me, I'm going to ask you to answer three big questions before we get on the phone:

What's your approximate annual revenue?

What are you spending per month on advertising and promotion?

What do you feel is your single-biggest marketing/business/selling challenge or frustration today?  

I also want to know your website, so I can go spy on you and see what you're doing now in terms of marketing.  And you have an opportunity to leave any other comments, to really sell me on why I should choose to do business with you over all the other options available to me today.

These application questions work on a couple levels...

On the surface, they're about gathering the bare-minimum, base-level data to help me understand your business and how I can help you increase profits.  We'll go over this and more in our first conversation together.

On a deeper level, it's my first opportunity to really judge you and find out if we're a fit.  I won't say much more, except to let you know that you should take enough time to give thoughtful answers.  Because how you fill out the application gives me my first impression of how successful our work together can be.

In fact, I reserve the right to cancel our call if I see a flashing red light in how you answered any of the questions!
  • If your application is approved, we'll do our 45-minute call...
Again, I don't want to work with you, or even take your money, unless I believe we're a great fit.  I want to see opportunity and I want to like the idea of working with you.

So, assuming your application looks good, we'll hop on a 45-minute Zoom video call and I'll grill you even further on your business, looking for opportunity.  

We'll go through your application...  Plus a short list of additional questions to help me quickly understand your situation and tease out where I can have the biggest impact in your business.  You'll also have time to ask your most important questions about the process.

Assuming we both want to move forward at this point, you'll get a link to pay your fee and schedule your 4-Hour Private Consultation.

But we're not quite done with the prep work...
  • Next I'll send you on an Information Gathering mission...
In order for me to have the maximum impact, I need you to be fully prepared, and bring as much useful information to the table as possible.

This includes but is not limited to: sales and profits figures, customer value metrics, list size and makeup, offer details, market research, current and past advertising creative with results, lists of traffic sources or media purchased, campaign or funnel maps, and more.  You'll get the specific details of what I need from you shortly after you've paid your fee, because this is adapted to your needs from a longer list.

The more prepared you are for our consultation, the more impact we can create.  Depending on your current level of tracking and metrics, this Information Gathering could take from 30 minutes to a few hours.

I'll ask that you get this to me at least one day prior to our full consultation, so I can review it ahead of time.  If you procrastinate and do not get it to me ahead of time, the initial review time will simply come out of your 4-hour time block.  Also: if you are unable to complete this step in a timely manner, I reserve the right to cancel your consultation and offer your spot to another client.
  • Then we'll go deep in a 4-Hour, 1-on-1 Private Consultation
Here's the meat of it.  We'll hop online, in a private Zoom video meeting room, and go deep into your business to uncover profit breakthroughs.

This is a 1-on-1 meeting, where I ask a ton of questions, you give a ton of answers, and we review all the research you've provided from your Information Gathering mission.  (Optional: You may invite team members to this meeting, however I do require the full participation of the owner, founder, or whomever is the primary decision maker in your business.  Because many of my recommendations are at the strategic level, this is not something to "hand off.")

Where relevant, this will also include specific feedback on copy and advertising creative that you're currently using, or have in development.  (One idea or recommendation here could double your conversion rate, and pay for this consultation many times over.)

For the first 2 to 3 hours, I'll be in heavy diagnostic mode.  Meaning, I'm looking to understand every aspect of your business contributing to revenue and profits, and looking for high-leverage points to test and create breakthroughs.

For the remainder of the time, we'll lay out a specific action plan with next actions designed to maximize impact, fast.  By the time we're through, you'll have a series of steps you can take and tests you can conduct with the potential to achieve not just one, but many profit breakthroughs within the next 90 days.

ALSO: These consultations are recorded, for your benefit, so that you will be able to reference them into the future. 
  • You'll also get Check-Ins after 30 and 60 days...
At approximately 30 and 60 days after your Private Consultations, I'll check in with you by email to see how implementation is going.  

At this time, I can answer any questions that have arisen, address any issues, and provide any specific feedback in order for you to make the most of this opportunity.

While these are not as in-depth as the initial consultation, they will have the benefit of market data after your implementation and initial testing.

This will help you as you take the next steps and convert the short term profit breakthroughs into long-term, sustainable increases.
  • You'll even get up to two 30-Minute Follow-Up calls...
In the 90 days following the initial consultation, you'll also have the opportunity to schedule up to two 30-minute follow-up calls.  These calls are scheduled by request only.

You can choose to do these at the 30- and 60-Day Check-Ins.  Or, as needed and as scheduling allows.

The best use of these calls is either to talk through a specific issue, get high-level feedback on a specific piece of creative, or to review initial test results and decide next actions.
Our goal:
The Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation process is designed to create as much impact in as little time as possible:
  • It's based on over a decade of proven results-getting experience...
I've been helping businesses create revenue growth and profit breakthroughs since 2005.

My focus on proven-effective, results-accountable marketing is the secret to my success.  I simply look at the universal principles and proven strategies that have worked in the past, and identify the best ways to apply them now...  Based on the current opportunities, business, product, market, media, offer, and additional factors that contribute to business success.
  • It's dynamic and catered to your unique business...
The focus of the Profit Breakthroughs Private Consultation will match to your unique business, but it most likely to fall into one of two categories:

NARROW:  Our focus is on a single campaign or funnel, maximizing the results, sales, profits, leads and customers acquired, cart value, and other metrics that represent success to you...

BROAD:  We take a strategic look at your business, doing a total customer lifecycle analysis, and identify both areas for short-term cash flow and long-term profit maximization opportunities...

Either way, you get the full benefit of my experience and perspective into your business on both levels.  And just because we choose either a narrow or broad primary area of focus, I won't hold back on any profit-increasing insights I identify in the course of our consultation.
  • Big picture...
When you sign up for a Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation, that's what you get.  Me, digging into your business, to uncover profit breakthroughs.

This can involve getting you more high-value customers at the lowest cost.  It can include maximizing conversions, cart value, and profits in a funnel or campaign.  It can include strategies to boost each customer's lifetime value in your business.  Or perhaps, helping you create more automated systems and recurring revenue.

It's all on the table, if it can help you enjoy more leads, more customers, more sales, more profits, and more freedom in your business.
My question to you:
Are YOU ready?
There's a concept from personal change work called THRESHOLD.

In order for you to be "at threshold," three things have to be true.  You absolutely MUST believe:

  1. Something has to change.
  2. It has to be ME.
  3. It has to be NOW.

Some high-growth entrepreneurs are almost always at threshold.  That's why they're so successful.  If that's you, great.

Others haven't been getting the results they want, they hit threshold, and are ready to take massive action.  If that's you, that's also great.

Others want change, but aren't fully committed to making it happen, either because they want it from the outside or simply aren't ready to do the work now.  If that's you, you're not ready for this yet.

I ONLY want you to sign up for a Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation if you believe: something has to change, it has to be you, and it has to be now.
Here's where you schedule your
Application and Qualification Call...

Please use the following scheduling tool to book your Application and Qualification Call...

This is a two-step process...

First, you'll pick your time for a 45-minute call, based on my upcoming phone availability.

Then, you'll answer the questions mentioned above, to start the application process.

You MUST COMPLETE BOTH STEPS to fully book your appointment.  Please note you will get an email confirmation once you've booked your appointment, and links to add it to your personal calendar.
Here's how to secure your spot
and get started with your 
Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation...
  • STEP 1
Use the scheduling tool above to book an Application and Qualification Call for the Profit Breakthrough Private Consultation.
  • STEP 2
We'll review your application and speak to you about the opportunities we see and whether or not you're a fit, during the 45-minute call.
  • STEP 3
If you're a fit and we agree there's opportunity, we'll send you the payment link for the Profit Breakthroughs Private Consultation, and we can take it from there.
I look forward to speaking with you!
Now check out what these other great marketers
and business-builders have said about me...

"80/20 Mastery exceeded expectations by about 20 to 30%. Thanks for your help refining the sales letter!" 
   - Perry Marshall

Bestselling author on Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising, author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing

"OK final results: from 2.85% to 4% cold traffic conversion. Well done!" 
   - Ben Simkin

Australia's #1 Facebook Expert, $1.45 Billion Sales, featured by Forbes, Inc, HuffPo, Entrepreneur

"Use Roy’s techniques and you’ll see a lot more cash coming to you almost immediately." 
   - Mark Ford

Partner in 9-figure direct response business Agora, Inc., best-selling author of many books on business and marketing under pen name Michael Masterson

"Our recent growth would not be as substantial without Roy’s skills." 
   - Jeff Short

As President, CBT Nuggets, LLC

"Hi, Roy, Great job on the seminar copy! It’s very hard to write for other writers…doubly difficult when they are copywriters…and triply challenging when it’s about their bios! But you did it…and your promo sings. All good wishes, Roy, Gary B." 
   - Gary Bencivenga

Considered by his clients to be America’s best direct response copywriter based on results generated, in reference to the promotion for The Titans of Direct Response

"Roy is not just a great copywriter but now an industry leader as well." 
   - Brian Kurtz

Business Builder at Boardroom, Inc./BottomLine, Founder, Titans Marketing
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