I get asked all the time how to break into the big direct response copywriting markets…

By that, we’re primarily talking about financial and health…

Where the biggest winning single promotions can easily generate 7- and even 8-figures in revenue.

And if you’re talking a million or more and you have a royalty of just a few percentage points…

Well, you can see those numbers add up, I’m sure…

And if your promo gets into the tens of millions?

There’s more income potential there from ONE PROJECT than many people will make in the next decade.

I got asked the question again, twice in a row…

Hi Roy,

First let me say thank you for putting out such value driven content.

What’s the best way from your experience to break into competitive but rewarding niches such as Finance and Health?

Thank you.

– P


My question is how to approach and create a spec piece to break into Direct-Response Companies or Financial Newsletter Publishing companies as a freelancer?

– N

Today, I share my 5 top tips for getting into these industries.

Watch now for 5 tips to break into big direct response copywriting markets…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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