John Caples is one of history’s greatest copywriters…

… In no small part due to his dedication to TESTING.

He wrote the book on Tested Advertising Methods, of course…

But I have another book of his that’s lesser-known, but maybe even better…

How to Make Your Advertising Make Money.

When he wrote and published that book, he was the Vice President of one of the world’s top advertising agencies, BBDO.

Among the book’s many gems, he shared his list of…

12 Ways to Find Advertising Ideas…

Here’s the list…

  1. Cash in on your own personal experience
  2. Organize your experience
  3. Write from the heart
  4. Learn from the experience of others
  5. Talk with the manufacturer/maker
  6. Study the product
  7. Review previous advertising for the product
  8. Study competitors’ ads
  9. Study testimonials from customers
  10. Solve the prospect’s problem
  11. Put your subconscious mind to work
  12. “Ring the changes” on a successful idea

In today’s episode, I go through the list with notes from Caples as well as my own personal experience and insights.

Get 12 ways to find big ideas for your advertising from John Caples in today’s episode.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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