Great storytelling isn’t just about what happens…

It’s about how the characters in the story FEEL about what happens.

This is a major premise and principle behind the excellent Audible program, The Hero’s 2 Journeys…  From Will Smith’s script and screenwriting consultant, Michael Hauge, along with Christopher Vogler.  (Highly recommended!)

They applied it to screenwriting and fiction storytelling.

But it applies equally to marketing — to the stories we tell about our offers and the experiences our customer will have after buying.

There’s the outer journey, of the customer solving their problem and experiencing practical benefits.

And then there’s the inner journey, that’s even more important for selling.

Check out today’s episode for my full breakdown of your customer’s two journeys…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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On Audible: The Hero’s 2 Journeys from Michael Hauge & Christopher Vogler

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