When your customer buys, who is the hero?

Is it you?

Because you solved their problem.

Because you introduced them to a new opportunity.

Or is it…  Them?

Because they finally figured it out.  Because they got the result they wanted.

Because they are fulfilling their dreams, their desires, their destiny.

Because they are overcoming their fears, their frustrations, their failures.

Or maybe…

It’s them because they’re doing something good for someone else in their life.

Or because they’re finally getting the recognition they’ve long desired.

Tell me which feels better…

— I helped you fix your problem — I’m awesome!

… or…

— You fixed your problem — you’re awesome!

Today’s video shares a few stories from my personal life about how I felt like a hero.  And the impact that had on me.

Plus, how that’s an example for YOU of how you can make your customer, client, or prospect the hero.

And as a result — how you can sell more.

And be a hero yourself…

(But shh, we won’t tell your customers!)

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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