How do you write copy in your client’s voice?

In today’s video, I share the story of how A-list copywriter Parris Lampropoulos actually thought Brian Kurtz wrote the copy for Titans of Direct Response — even though I wrote it in Brian’s voice.

And I share my #1 secret for doing this over and over again (and how you can, too).

This is a video Mailbox Monday issue of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

It’s in response to this reader question…

Hola Roy!

How are you?

My name is Julien and I’m new in the copywriting world, I’ve been following your work including reading your books, email newsletter, and watching your videos on Youtube for a while now, and I have to say I’m impressed with your style of writing copy, especially how you pull people to buy from you without sounding like a salesman. I feel like I know you in person despite that we never met yet.

A few days ago I’ve read your email on how you wrote a sales letter for Brian Kurtz and the message you received from Gary Bencivenga, that’s why I want to say thank you for the knowledge you share with the world, and I want to ask you about how or what is your approach when you write a copy for someone else (a person not a company)? how can I write a copy that sounds like the person I’m writing on his behalf?

I did the Gary Halbert 30 Days copywriting challenge, and I’ve read 30+ classic direct response books but I’m still struggling in how to change my style/tone of voice whenever I write for someone else.

Your loyal fan,


I think you’ll enjoy the simplicity of my answer, in today’s video.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr