I decided early on that I was going to get rich…

But I realized that — like most people — I didn’t really understand what it takes to get rich, to grow your wealth.

And I realized that most other people didn’t either.

Most people’s mindset, thoughts, decisions, and behaviors around money keep them anywhere from poor to getting by.

Just look at the average person’s finances.  High debt.  Low net worth.

But that’s not what I wanted.

I wanted to get rich.  Not gratuitously rich — but enough that I’d never have to worry about money again.

So I studied people who’d done that.

And realized that there are certain things about the way they think about and treat money that lead to consistent wealth attraction and accumulation.

Today’s episode shares 5 of them…

Wealth Attraction Secrets: 5 Money Mindset Beliefs for Rich Entrepreneurs

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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Training Your Subconscious Success Mechanism

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