Let’s get deep…

The last two days, I’ve delivered ultra-tactical emails that you could plug-and-play into your copywriting and email marketing to get more response.

Anytime I get that tactical, I’m bound to swing in the opposite direction.

So today let’s talk about what’s going on inside your head.

This is no less important — in fact, it’s even more so.

I’ll start with a story…

Last night, my 5-year-old daughter was being grumpy around bedtime.

Like an 5-year-old, she gets that way when she’s tired.  And last night she seemed extra tired.

So as we’re trying to get her ready for bed, she’s pouting and putting on a show.  She’s angry.  She’s snapping at us, being a bit rude and defiant.  You know, tired 5-year-old stuff.

My wife and I try to be as understanding as possible in situations like this.  Three kids in, and 10 years of parenthood, and you start to learn when a battle needs to be a battle, and when all of this drama just needs patient persistence until their head is on the pillow.

So we’re being patiently persistent.  Not taking the crap, but not meeting it with more crap, either.

We finally get her in bed, and have said goodnight.

And then she comes back to the door of her room, and says to me, “I feel like everybody is being mean to me.”

Now, I’m not going to say I’m above being grumpy, and getting a little too frustrated with my kids when there’s unnecessary drama.

I try not to be mean, but sometimes I think that feedback is a good reminder that I’m not being the kind and patient grown-up that I need to be as a loving parent.  And I’m thankful for it.

Last night, that was NOT the case.

Last night, we were on-point with our patient parent game.

But that’s not how she experienced it.

Because when we’re consumed in a headspace like that — being mad at the world, and mean to it — we see that reflected back.

If you expect the world to see a terrible place, you’re going to find all sorts of evidence to support your expectations.  Not only that, you’re going to treat the world like it’s a terrible place, and the world will respond in kind.

Alternately, if you expect the world to be a love-filled, generous place, that’s pretty much what you’ll find.  You’ll see the love that’s there, and you’ll feel sorry for someone when they’re genuinely not seeing it.

If you’re treating the whole world in a mean way, you’ll feel like the world is being mean to you.

“As you believe, so it shall be done unto you.”

It’s not just 5-year-olds.

It’s you and me.

It’s all of us.

If you’re a sleazy scumbag that rips off the world, expect the world to be sleazy and scummy back to you, and rip you off.

If you’re angry all the time, expect to be met with anger.

If you believe money and resources are scarce and people like you never get it, expect money to remain scarce and for you to never get it.

If you insist there are no opportunities, you’ll never find them.

If you believe your relationships are rotten, that is what they’ll be.

I could go on…

But we can turn this the other way.

If you believe value comes to those who put value into the world, that you’re rewarded in kind, you will find that to be true.

If you treat the world with kindness and expect the world will treat you the same, that’s what you’ll get.

If you believe there’s massive abundance flowing around, and it will be attracted to those who do the right things, you’ll find a way to make that you.

If you know there are abundant opportunities for those who step up to seize them, you’ll be presented with opportunities galore.

If you believe your relationships are as healthy as your contributions to them, you can make them great.

Assume the world is a mirror to what you believe on a subconscious level…

You could repeat affirmations you don’t believe until you’re blue in the face.

You could try to rationalize that you believe in abundance when deep down you’re afraid that you’ll forever live in scarcity.

You can say you think the world works one way, when harboring the secret belief that its true nature is the opposite.

You can lie to the world.

But the world won’t lie to you.

If you believe the world is treating you meanly, assume that’s a mirror.  What does it tell you about how you are showing up in the world?

If you believe the world is attacking you, what are you doing to attack the world?

If you want the image in the mirror to be different, what do you need to do?  I’ve got a hint for you.  Nothing about the mirror needs to change.

What does this have to do with marketing?

This isn’t some mystical, metaphysical lesson with no practical application.

It’s radically practical.

For example, what do you really believe about that marketing message you’re working on right now?  What do you really believe about the value of your service and your ability to deliver the result promised?  How are you treating your customers and clients?

This matters.  Much more than you might think.  On a very tangible level.

If you don’t believe in your message, that will come through.  Not in a way that most people will be able to put their finger on it.  But with some vague clues that make the recipient of your message feel “off.”  And that off feeling will be all it takes to not get the response.

Alternately, if you have 100% conviction in what you’re saying, selling, or doing, that will be radically attractive.  If you are operating in total integrity, it will be noticed.  If you are putting love out into the world, you will receive love in return.

In the short run, it can work to go against this principle.  Scammers, cons, and the corrupt often have their day on top.

But in the long run, the world will be a mirror to how you are showing up.  And those who show up with goodness in their hearts and purity of intent will be met with goodness in return.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr