There are actually 3 big problems with headline formulas…

And each one can lead to your copy not working nearly as well as it could.

Listen, I understand the appeal.

The idea of sitting down and copying out a proven headline.

Making your message fit it.

Hoping it will lead to more sales and profits.

It’s like the “easy button” for novice copywriters…

In fact, when I was getting started as a copywriter, I did the same thing.

I copied every headline formula I could, onto 3X5 note cards.

I tried writing headlines in every relevant formula, for new projects.

(And, in fact, watch today’s video and you’ll realize I AM actually thankful for that experience.)

But if you are using headline formulas in the wrong way in your copywriting, they’re more a handicap than a help.

It’ll make sense by the time the video is done.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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