Okay so here’s what a really SMART Mailbox Monday question looks like…

I’ve recently come across your YT channel and the value you provide is phenomenal. Especially, in terms of addressing the basic principles & philosophy of writing for businesses.

My biggest challenge is getting my first client as a copywriter away from the claws of the big freelancing platforms. What basic funnel do I need for consistent leads? Do I need a portfolio website? Or simply a Calendly? I have no real experience so far, only three months’ of work improving my ideal prospects’ web copy and sales pages.

Why is this a smart question?  Because it’s specific, includes enough detail to let me know this person has done their homework and isn’t just sending me their random synapse firings, and it’s flattering.

Flattery helps.

Because this is such a smart question, and I’m a sucker for flattery, I attempted to create a smart episode answering it, sharing a ton of value around how I’d approach the same situation today.

The Minimum Viable Funnel For Getting Copywriting Clients

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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