This is a chapter from my upcoming book, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, which I'm writing while you watch on this site and in my daily emails!

This is a chapter from my upcoming book, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, which I’m writing while you watch on this site and in my daily emails!

Hey there Rainmaker, so I told you that today I’d officially start “writing the book while you watch.”

That is, for the next couple months what you’re going to get from me in these daily emails are the chapters that will be going into my Breakthrough Marketing Secrets book.

Today, we start with the introduction. In addition to reading the introduction for its contents (which are mostly inspirational), you should look at it for what I’m actually doing with it.

The introduction is a positioning statement for everything that is to come.

The best way to begin any relationship — including the relationship between author and reader — is setting expectations. What it is, and what it isn’t.

Pay special attention there.

More to come tomorrow. You’ll see in these first few chapters that I have a very unconventional way of beginning this book, but that owes to its unconventionally thorough treatment of direct response marketing principles and strategies.

Here’s the introduction…

What you’re holding in your hands is a complete business breakthrough manual. It contains all the ideas, direction, principles, and strategies you need to create a quantum leap in your business — using the power of effective marketing.

It’s based on a decade of in-the-trenches experience working with and mentoring under the top results-driven direct marketers on the planet. (And quickly finding myself pulled up into their league.)

It’s based on another half-decade of toes-to-toes, nose-to-nose, and ear-to-phone selling experience before that.

If you honestly and diligently put what you read to work, it’s reasonable to expect this book will double your business in as little as 12 months. It’s quite possible the lessons in this book could multiply your business 10X.

That’s the power you’re holding in your hands right now.

And if you’re a consultant — as I am — who helps others grow their business… You’ll quickly find yourself creating enormously better results, your fees will go up, and the demand for your services will multiply.

WARNING: This is not a “get rich quick” book. And it is certainly not a “magic pill” book. If that’s what you came looking for, put it down — now! With what you discover in these pages, you may be able to get rich, perhaps even quickly, by generating massive increases in sales and revenue. But it won’t be because of some magic formula or grand business secret. Rather, it will be because you’ve become a sophisticated marketer — who understands marketing, selling, and business. And then, you’ve taken the required action to implement the ideas you’ve found in this book.

Why, you might ask, should you use this book of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets?

My answer is simple.

Because you know the results you’re currently getting through your marketing, advertising, and sales activities are a fraction of what they could be.

You know your business is a fraction of what it could be.

You know the number of customers you’re serving, and the depth of value you’re providing to their lives, is a fraction of what it could be.

Because you know more is possible.

Because you have a great vision — not only of what your business can do for you, but what you can do for your customers and the world, through your business.

Because you believe in a bigger, brighter future.

But what you’re doing right now — the marketing strategies, tactics, and systems you’re using — are simply not serving you as well as you’d like.

And you can’t afford to put more time, more work, and more effort into growing your business. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Your time, attention, health, and happiness are too valuable to waste in 80- or 90-hour work weeks.

So you think, “There has to be a better way.”

Congratulations. You’ve found it.

In the Twelfth Night, Shakespeare wrote, “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

I ask you to do Shakespeare one better.

You certainly don’t have to be born great.

You don’t have to wait for greatness to be thrust upon you.

And achieving greatness is nice, but you can do more…

With what you learn in this book, I challenge you to thrust yourself up to greatness!

And not just you — but your business, your customers and clients, and the good you’re doing in the world through your business.

Let’s get started!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets