3-pillarsToday’s email is going to be quick…

My oldest son was up at 1:30 AM this morning after a nightmare (no doubt a subconscious response to “back to school” jitters), and after he woke me up I couldn’t get back to sleep.

While I did get SOME work done during that time (including speaking to a client who told me he’d 3Xed revenue on one of his projects after our last phone call!), it mostly led to me feeling WIPED OUT.

And this, right in the 11th hour of the launch of my Story Selling Master Class.

Anyway — this is about that.

Registrations open TOMORROW, with the wait list getting first notice, including the first swing at a pretty cool fast response bonus.

And below, I’m going to link to 3 content-packed Story Selling videos that I’ve been told shouldn’t be free.

And yet, I know some people — as much as they should — won’t watch videos.  Even if they’re content-packed.  Even if that content could dramatically increase their income.

And so I want to take today’s essay as an opportunity to share just one of the really powerful nuggets from the first video, in email form, just in case you’re the type of person who doesn’t watch videos.  (Or, you may read this and decide you really want to click on the links below and watch ALL the videos before the launch!)

This is The 3 Pillars of Highly-Effective Story Selling!

Here’s the thing.  Story selling isn’t just about stories.

And this understanding forms a critical foundation for using stories in your sales, marketing, and persuasion materials.

When you recognize what else you need to know and use in effective story selling, you will recognize dramatic improvements in the results you get.

So, what else makes up great story selling?

Three things: Character, Story, and Selling.

Here’s a bit more insight into these, The 3 Pillars of Highly-Effective Story Selling…

The role of Character in Story Selling…

When you’re using stories in your selling, people aren’t buying the story.  They’re buying the story teller.  That’s you.

Your goal in using stories then is to develop an impression of you, the story teller, that fosters the purchase.

What do the stories you tell say about you?

What reputation do they help build?

What beliefs do they convey?

How do they align you with the audience, your prospect?

These are just the start of the questions and considerations that go into character-building in story selling.

Done right, the effects are immense.  Most people think of selling as a one-time event.  But great entrepreneurs and marketers think in terms of relationship.  While you may not make the sale this time, everything you do can lead to a relationship that will foster future sales.

And so the better you use character to  your advantage, the more you help sales today AND tomorrow!

The role of Story in Story Selling…

This is the central pillar, for a reason.

Stories are obvious, but no less important when it comes to story selling.

Here’s what you really need to know.

While the fundamental principles of good storytelling still apply, not all the story structures used in traditional drama are relevant to selling.

Rather, through time, there’s a bit over a dozen standard “selling stories” that are used over and over and over again in marketing and selling situations.

These are tried-and-true templates that represent stories that work.

You can dramatically shortcut your story selling success by using these as a guide as you identify, develop, and tell your own selling stories.


The role of Selling in Story Selling…

It’s called Story SELLING and not Story TELLING for a reason.

Our intent, beginning-to-end, is to make a sale.  Maybe that’s an actual purchase.  Maybe it’s persuading the prospect to take another action that brings them closer to the purchase.

For this reason, you can’t forget the principles of selling, even as you develop compelling stories to tell.

The good news?  Stories fit in perfectly with selling, and can be used at almost every step of the process.

You can use stories to open the sales conversation…  To get attention…  To build interest in you…  To convey to the prospect you understand them…  To present buying criteria for your solution…  To present the solution itself…  In making the offer…  In spurring the prospect to take urgent action…

Story can fit in every step of the process.  It’s just a matter of making sure that’s an integral part of your approach in using story.

This is a cursory overview that doesn’t even do these 3 pillars justice!

If this sounds interesting to you and you haven’t been following along with the preview videos for the Story Selling Master Class, it’s time to watch them.

They’ll be coming down soon, and the registrations for the class go live tomorrow.

For more on the 3 pillars, start with the first video…

Here are the links to ALL 3 Story Selling Master Class “preview” videos…

Why Becoming A Master Story Seller Will Transform Your Life (PLUS: The 3 Pillars of Highly Effective Story Selling)

Click here to watch now…

Or visit this URL…


Real-Life Case Studies of Story Selling at Work

Click here to watch now…

Or visit this URL…


Overcoming Road Blocks to Story Selling Success

Click here to watch now…

Or visit this URL…


Also, make sure you engage in the comments section below the videos.  There have been many great comments meant to share insights, reveal personal a-ha moments, provide actionable takeaways, and in general add to the value you can get from watching the videos.

It’s clear this is a topic that so many in business would like to get better at…

Whether we’re talking about building your business, selling yourself to your customers and clients…

Or, if you’re a consultant or copywriter, helping your clients tell better selling stories…

And this is the first (and likely last) time I’m going to be delivering this in this interactive format.

It’d be very smart if you want to develop your own Story Selling Mastery to make sure you watch those preview videos while they’re still available…

Then jump on the full Master Class when it’s available tomorrow.

NOTE: If you want to make sure you get first notice and an opportunity to grab one of the fast response bonuses (for the first 10 people only), click here now to join the wait list.

You’ll also likely get a Master Class registration link in tomorrow’s issue, but by then it’s quite possible all those fast response bonuses will be gone…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr