I have the kids at home today and I’m getting the house ready for Thanksgiving, so I’m not going to write a regular issue of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets today.

But I did want to tell you that I’m incredibly thankful for YOU.

I truly appreciate you and your continued readership of my daily articles, thoughts, insights, and perspectives.

As a way of showing my thankfulness, I want to offer something I’ve NEVER offered before.  Actually, two things…

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A quick explanation of both…

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Here are direct links to all the training and packages…

The Freelance Copywriter’s Independence Package

Story Selling Master Class

High-Velocity Copywriting

Webinars That Sell

The Most Valuable Customer Strategy

The Value-First Funnel Strategy

Think Like an A-List Copywriter

Breakthrough Mind Mapping

Copywriting Royalties and Pay for Performance

The Copywriter’s Roadmap To Building A Core Offer

Roy Furr’s Networking Secret

Proof, Credibility, and Believability

Build Your Email List for Marketing and Sales

The Control-Beating Project Pre-Flight Plan

The Scientific Path to Increasing Profits

Emotional Direct Response Copywriting

The discounts should show on the page if you use any of the direct links, between now and the end of Black Friday.  Or if they don’t show, simply enter the coupon code “blackfriday2019” during checkout and it will give you the 25% savings.

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Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving…

Whether you’re in the US or not, whether you celebrate our Thanksgiving or not, remember there’s incredible power in thankfulness and gratitude.

Consider what you are grateful for today, and give thanks for it.

I’ll be back Monday with your regularly-scheduled Breakthrough Marketing Secrets articles.  And in the meantime, make sure you snag these incredible deals while they’re available.

I’ve never done a sale like this before — and certainly never given away my time free with a training purchase — and may never do it again.

But today, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this generosity to move your marketing, business, and career forward.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr