My Webinars That Sell approach is effective because you don’t have to get any better at selling to get better results…

Heck, this is part of why Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is so effective…

As well as the funnel strategies I first heard from Ryan Deiss and Russell Brunson…

Same with Dan Kennedy’s 3-Step Mailing Sequence…

And so many other marketing strategies.

Usually when we think about getting better at marketing, we think about getting better at the techniques and tactics.

Learning to write better headlines, or write better narrative copy.  Or position our offers better.  Or…

There’s a million low-level techniques and tactics that we can improve.  And because these are sexy, visible things, they tend to be what we focus on — especially when we’re newer, novice copywriters, marketers, or business owners.  (And especially if you’re a copywriter who comes from the WRITING field instead of BUSINESS/MARKETING/SALES.)

And yet, those tend to be really little bumps in performance.  A 5% increase here.  A 15% increase there.  Valuable, but not life-changing.

One good strategy can change everything…

You probably want to catch the replay of my webinar while it’s still up.  (I decided to leave it up until Friday — along with $200 savings off the course — before I start the live training webinars next week.)

In it, I share my full Campaign Map that generated over $400,000 in sales on my very first client webinar — and went on to create successful campaign after successful campaign for them and others.

The great thing about this is it was able to generate sales at a level more than 3X the client expectations — without me getting any better at selling.

Previous sales messages had gone out as one-shots.

Suddenly we did a campaign.  With a whole sequence of communication around the event.

And, importantly, a deadline.

We made an offer — and we took it away at the end.

It wasn’t that you couldn’t get the product anymore — you could.  But by responding during the campaign, you did get a much more advantageous deal, with more bonuses, and better pricing.

We used our webinar campaign to introduce urgency.

This one thing is probably responsible for more sales results than anything else…



The prospect of a missed opportunity.

Or, in modern parlance, FOMO.

This isn’t unique to webinars, internet marketing, or direct response.  Just think of all the money that’s made in retail because of Black Friday sales that go away within hours of the doors opening (if the products aren’t gone first).

With that, countless other sales events throughout the year, on every holiday weekend and others in between.  There’s nothing about the 4th of July that says you need new kitchen appliances.  But how much do you want to bet there will be a huge sale next year?

By creating a structured campaign around specific offers, you increase the excitement.  But even more importantly, you increase the urgency.

By having a plan — a Campaign Map — you can do this in a more targeted, systematic, and effective way.

You’re leveraging the foundational principles of effective selling, and it makes you instantly better at it…

I’ve shared my Architecture of A-List Copywriting Skills (and ALL skills) before.

The most superficial levels of skills are techniques and tactics.  If you get better at these, you’ll get incrementally better results.

Underlying techniques and tactics are the strategies you use.  Get a better strategy, and all your techniques and tactics become even more powerful.

And beneath that, principles are the foundation of any skill.

Including urgency is a principle of effective selling, one-to-one or one-to-many.

No matter what techniques, tactics, or strategies you use, if you don’t include the principle of urgency, you will get results that are less than the best.

The simple addition of urgency to your strategies, techniques, and tactics will immediately improve your results.

And it will work even better when your entire approach or system, top-to-bottom, integrates the most effective principles.

The good news is that these principles and strategies are often plug-and-play

There may be a lot of moving parts to a strategy such as my Webinars That Sell system.  But even one time through, and you get how it works.

That’s why my client was able to hand the same system to other copywriters, and generate similar results.

Because when you run a well-designed webinar campaign, the campaign strategy and its principles do a lot of the heavy lifting.

The campaign says you do a deadline.  So you do a deadline.  And you send out the messages around the deadline, following what I’ll be teaching next week.

Boom.  You’re using the principles of highly-effective selling, without hardly a finger lifted.

That’s part of why it’s so fast and easy to pick up.  And part of why it can be devastatingly effective.

Because it makes you better at selling, without you having to get better at selling.

A little more about the Webinars That Sell training…

Next week I’ll be delivering the training as a series of 3 live webinars.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at Noon US Central time.  Plus I’ll be adding the recordings as well as additional bonus materials to BTMSinsiders.

The training is structured to give you everything you need to create live and automated webinars that sell, for your business or your clients, to generate more leads, customers, sales, and profits.

And until this Friday, you can take advantage of the special launch pricing and save $200 off the retail price.  Plus, you’ll get the exclusive opportunity to participate in the live training and get any questions answered — even to get on the “hotseat” and have me help you with any part of your webinar strategy or content, live.

Here’s the full details on the training — plus the replay of my preview training webinar from yesterday…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr