Have you been getting excited for Halloween?

It’s tonight!  And I’m not just talking about Halloween because that’s what day it is.  But because it is critically important to today’s lesson…

Why it’s almost automatic that you will sell more with a webinar or other event campaign…

First, Halloween excitement…

I’ll tell you what — we start getting excited about Halloween at the end of September.

About two blocks away from our house is a place we’ve affectionately called, “The Zombie House.”

It’s clear Halloween is their favorite holiday.  Because by late September, they start to put up decorations.  And that’s when we start getting excited, too.

They have a graveyard — that grows every year.  They even recently added a mausoleum.

They have a headless horseman.

They have a giant spider in a tree, with a victim in its web.

They have witches and wizards around a fire, with some strange potion brewing in their pot.

They have a skeleton digging its own grave.

They have giant skulls.

They have a box with some unidentified creature in it, that randomly shakes and makes a whole lotta noise.

They have spooky lights and shapes in their windows.

And that’s just their decorations.

They have older kids — probably teens and twenties — who get dressed up and haunt the yard and house.  The parents are dressed up, in chairs on the porch, handing out full-sized candy bars.

They are all in costume, to the point where it’s almost scary to just trick-or-treat.

(In fact, our kids and others’ have needed a grown-up to walk with them up to the house — no matter how nice the people in costumes are to the littler kids, the whole spectacle can feel like too much to the youngest and most imaginative minds.)

It’s a blast.  One of the main attractions of Halloween in our neighborhood.

And every year, as we get closer to Halloween, the excitement builds as we check out their newest decorations on a nearly-daily basis.

The same thing can happen with Christmas, or Easter, or any other big event.  The closer the event gets, the more excitement grows.

And that includes YOUR marketing events.

When there’s a date on the calendar when something big will happen, our excitement tends to grow as we get close…

This is part of what makes a webinar, a launch, or any other kind of event-based marketing work so well.

Note: My coming webinar about How to Create Webinars That Sell is no exception to this excitement rule.  There will only be 100 spots to attend live — and we’ve already surpassed that in registrations.  I imagine some people will be on as much as 30 minutes early to make sure they secure their spot and don’t get shut out.  It’s this coming Monday at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time.

I haven’t made any announcements about a recording yet — but when you attend LIVE I will make sure you get a PDF copy of the campaign map I used to generate $400,000+ in sales from my first client webinar.  You can still register — and make sure you show up early to snag one of those 100 spots.

Here’s the registration page.

When you have a date, there’s natural urgency and a deadline.

There’s also a sense that if you don’t look into it now, you’ll miss it.

This counters two of the biggest challenges in selling:

— Get someone to pay attention now.

— And if they’re interested, get them to respond now.

Let’s say you have a great marketing message.  It’s built around a compelling solution to a problem the prospect faces.  The problem may be somewhat urgent, but they’ve been okay putting it off for now.

Then, they see your marketing message.  It seems to be what they need to solve their problem.  So they click, and have a tab open on their computer.  But they’re busy, so they figure they’ll get back to it.  It’s a busy day, so they don’t get back to it that day.  And then the next day is busy, too.  So they push it off, and push it off.  Until the excitement is forgotten, and the tab eventually closed.

It’s not that your message is a wrong fit for them.  It’s not that they don’t need your solution.  It’s not that your offer isn’t good.  It’s just that they lack the inertia, and your marketing message that intrigued them doesn’t build quite enough inertia.

Your prospect’s default response is to NOT act, unless given enough motivation to do otherwise…

Even if they went through that marketing message, and got all the way to the order form or shopping cart, they STILL might not take action.  It’s the same thing, just at a different spot in the process.

But what if you stick that same message in a webinar that’s delivered live?  And what if you make an offer on that webinar that’s only good for a week?

Suddenly the exact same selling message has a brand new urgency.  First, they have to mark their calendar and get on the webinar to learn about the solution to their problem.  Then they have to take action by a certain date, or risk it going away (or at least, paying more).

Everything is given a natural urgency.  And this is actually in the prospect’s best interest.  Assuming, of course, that you have a legitimate solution to the problem you promise to solve.  If it will make the prospect’s life better to use your solution, and this urgency is what it takes to actually make them follow through, you’re doing them a great service by building your campaigns this way.

It’s win-win.  Because they are more likely to get your solution to their problem.  And you are going to make more sales.

This exact same principle applies, of course, for any selling situation where you can put a date on it.  There are live, in-person pitches.  There are webinars.  There are pitches for an event itself, like a seminar or online training program.  There are start dates for coaching programs and masterminds.

Anything you can put on the calendar carries an extra level of excitement and interest.  It gets attention and action more easily and automatically.

And it tends to generate far more sales.

This is a big part of why you’ll almost automatically get more sales from a webinar or similar campaign.  Without a better selling message.  Without better copy.  Without anything else to make the proposition more appealing.

Happy Halloween.  Have fun and be safe.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr