This is one of the most successful ads of all time…

It ran for 40+ years, unbeaten.  It was NEVER defeated.  It was only retired when the guru in it passed away, his company was sold, and the new company was dumb enough to stop running it.  Rumor has it that another company knocked it off, and ran it for decades longer, selling their own version of the product.

The ad?

“Do You Make These Mistakes In English?” by Maxwell Sackheim.

Earlier today, I did a live analysis of this ad for my BTMSinsiders members.  I broke it down, line-by-line, and revealed the WHY behind what Sackheim did, in every line of copy.

It’s quite powerful.

For today’s Video Friday, I wanted to share a bit of that analysis.  Specifically, my breakdown of the headline itself.

Discover the copywriting secrets in the headline, “Do You Make These Mistakes In English?”

Click here to watch the full analysis of “Do You Make These Mistakes In English?” — the first of my new series of Why Ads Worked videos, available exclusively through BTMSinsiders.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr