Do you think every business needs a sales letter?

Well, you’re wrong.

At least, not every business needs a traditional, 10,000-word, long-form direct response sales letter.

I was talking to someone today whose identity I want to keep confidential.

But I will say their offer or solution is VERY different than a traditional direct response offer.

And although I’m widely-known as a top sales letter copywriter…

I EXPLICITLY told him he didn’t need “that kind of marketing”…

Based on his offer, and his market, I laid out a completely different approach I would take.

One that’s still rooted in direct response principles.

One that still relies on traffic + conversion + economics = profits.

But one that doesn’t involve sales letters or Facebook ads or internet marketing funnels or order pages or (insert direct response tactic here).

For today’s video, I reflected on the thinking behind that.  Why I’d make a recommendation like that (and why you might, too).  And how doing what works will reduce your stress and increase your success.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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