He asked for a refund, but he never expected my reply…

So I had a guy write to ask me for a refund on his first month of BTMSinsiders membership.

Not because he thought my training was bad.

(He actually was getting a lot of value from it.)

But because he wanted to spend the money somewhere else.

I told him I’d do the refund.


I laid out the consequences.

Up to and including telling the people who he was about to give the money to that he was happy to abuse any refund policy any time he wanted the money back (and yes, they are people I have pretty direct connections to).

I told him that it was a terrible reason to ask for a refund…

Not for my sake, but for his.

I consider this a form of refund fraud and abuse of a generous guarantee policy.

I questioned his ethics and integrity.

I questioned his pride in himself.

I even asked him what his wife would think (something in one of his emails told me he was married and having a conversation with his wife about this big investment in himself).

Call me an ethical crusader.

(Perhaps I’ve become too much of a student of Stoicism?)

But it was definitely some really, really tough love.

And yet, at every moment, I told him that I would do the refund IF he accepted the consequences I laid out.

What did he say?

Well, I read a bit of a redacted version of this entire email exchange — including the surprising outcome — and reflect on it — in today’s video.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

PS: I’m actually really grateful for this guy.  Because I’d been bothered by refund fraud and guarantee abuse for a while.  And he prompted me — finally — to create an updated Terms of Service & Good Customer Policy.  It’s really stupid that this has to exist.  And I created it in a way that still protects good customers.  But there’s enough bad’uns out there that boundaries must be drawn.  (Remember — as much as I’m a kind, caring, loving guy — when someone broke into my house at 4 AM, I flat-out attacked him.  Kind and gentle does not mean weak!)

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