The Customer Service Ninja...  Whose superpower is solving customer problems before they happen...

The Customer Service Ninja… Whose superpower is solving customer problems before they happen…

Hey there Rainmaker, I’m going to talk about something almost nobody in direct marketing will talk about.

Because this isn’t one of those fancy high-conversion tactics that exploits the buyer’s psyche, or some strange manipulation you can use to get folks to fork over their cash…


This is just an incredibly sound business principle.

In fact, it’s very “Nebraska.” Like aww shucks Warren Buffett. And Nebraska Football fans, “The Greatest Fans In College Football.”

But you don’t have to be from the Cornhusker state to use this principle.

No matter where you’re from or where you do business, you can use this principle to multiply your business.

Today, I’m going to share with you a real-life example of remarkable customer service.

I’m going to start with the word “remarkable.” As I chose this word for a very important reason. (I am a writer, after all!)

I’m using the word remarkable in the Seth Godin, Purple Cow sense of the word.

The essence of that book is that if you were to see a purple cow, you’d talk about it. It’s literally something you’d make remarks about — it’s remark-able.

Seth’s assertion — and I agree — is that businesses that deliver remarkable services, products, and experiences to customers do well.

That in addition to learning to sell your wares, you need to focus on excellence. On making what you do something that your customers literally want to talk about.

Customer service is a term you know well… But of course there’s a whole range of definitions to that term.

At one end of the spectrum is the “Customer Service Department” that has no interest in providing service, and doesn’t want to have to deal with customers at all. The label doesn’t make it so.

At the other end of the spectrum is the act and habit of anticipating customer desires, needs, challenges, problems, and so on — and moving in anticipation of them to deliver an excellent and wholly remarkable experience.

Here’s my real-life story of a remarkable customer service experience…

As you know, I’ve been promoting Ryan Levesque’s Ask book and Next Level Mastermind group for the last couple weeks.

But I got an email from a friend and reader.

It seemed there was a problem.

(Note, I got this email at 2:31 PM on the afternoon of Friday, July 31st. The specific time is important as you read on.)

You see, he’d ordered the Ask book. And within a couple days, he got a package from Ryan’s business.

Except it didn’t contain the Ask book.

It contained a book from Ryan’s side project about growing Orchids. Orchids are nice and all, but this friend did not want to know how to grow flowers — he wanted to know how to grow a business!

He was a bit upset. But mostly disappointed.

Not only in Ryan, but in me.

How could I refer my readers to someone whose business was making such an obvious failure?

I shifted into high gear.

I go back and forth with Ryan a bit, and so I pinged him. I explained the situation. I wanted to know what could be done.

I sent my email at 2:35 PM.

3:14 PM, Ryan sent me an email. He looped in his customer service manager and his wife, who is the superstar behind the business’s back-stage operations.

He also explained that the fulfillment house they used had screwed up — and it was the first time ever, in a long time using them.

By 3:34 PM, Ryan’s wife Tylene emailed me. She said they were already aware of the situation. They’d discovered the situation earlier in the week. They’d already dropped the new copies of the book in the mail.

She gave me a tracking number. My friend’s book was actually on the mail truck for delivery that day.

Not only were they aware of the problem ahead of the complaint, they’d already fixed it and the solution was in the mail, about to be delivered by the time time complaint was lodged…

PLUS, when I emailed, within 1 hour and 3 minutes, there was a solution to the problem that I could pass on to my friend.

Now I MIGHT have gotten slightly better than average communication because I know Ryan. But the solution was in place before the complaint was lodged. That book was within hours if not minutes of arriving by the time I even heard the complaint.

This was a case of customer service so good, I’m making remarks about it right now — this was a textbook case of “Remarkable Customer Service.”

And here’s what it resulted in…

— First, my friend is much more happy with them than he would have been had that replacement book not been shipped until his complaint hit. He’s much more likely to do business with them going forward.

— Me personally, I’m more satisfied both with the business I’ve done with them in the past, and the business I plan to do with them in the future. I may to choose even more business with them.

— Plus, I’m sharing the positive story right now, which may predispose you to taking Ryan up on his $1 trial offer, before it expires at Midnight Eastern tonight.

— AND I know I’ve promoted Ryan’s group more actively because of that offer than I would have if it weren’t for that remarkable customer service. I know when I send you his way, you’ll be in good hands.

— And I’ve even probably been a more active and enthusiastic contributor to the mastermind after that experience than I would have been without it… Including the free 10-minute, 30-second training video that I did exclusively for that group on “The #1 Reason Freelance Copywriters Fail To Make A Great Living (And How To Fix It)”… Which only ups the value of Ryan’s group for all its other members.

Not every business will have these same benefits from creating remarkable customer service experiences, but every business WILL benefit…

Getting customers in through the door is barely the beginning when it comes to creating a successful, profitable, thriving business.

More sales, more profits, and a lot more enjoyment comes from serving the same customers over and over again.

When you bring them back to do business with you again… When you delight them enough that they go on to buy higher-ticked products and services… When they’re so happy with their experience that they tell their friends…

That’s when your business really starts to take off.

And the best way to ensure ALL of those benefits is by delivering remarkable customer service.

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Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

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