Today I want to announce something I’ve been working on, behind the scenes, for a few weeks now…

…  And then, I’ll reveal the critically-important strategy I used to make this happen, that YOU can use to create new businesses or breakthrough marketing campaigns out of thin air…

First, the announcement.

On November 2nd — two weeks from today — I’ll be opening the doors to The Masters of Response Summit.

This will be an incredible FREE RESOURCE on copywriting and marketing, above and beyond what you’re already getting through these BTMS Daily issues.

You’ll get to watch my video interviews with 10 top direct response copywriters and marketers, revealing the secrets to consistently generating big response (and profits) from your marketing efforts.

Here’s who I’m interviewing…

– Brian Kurtz

– Joanna Weibe

– Perry Marshall

– Marcella Allison

– David Garfinkel

– Kim Krause Schwalm

– Dan Ferrari

– Abbey Woodcock

– Jake Hoffberg

– Nader Anise

Plus, my coach Joseph Rodrigues has turned the tables to interview ME on my secrets (by popular request!).

Maybe you’ve already seen the ads on Facebook.  There are already a ton of people registered for this.  But as of today, I’ve posted the 10 confirmed interviewees who will at least make up the FIRST 😉 group of “The Masters of Response.”

Click here to register and for your access to The Masters of Response Summit.

I’m really excited to be bringing this to you, and expect that these 10 are just the start.

Now, on to the main topic of today’s essay…

“Make it up, make it real…”

One thing that’s come up more than once in the early interviews I’ve already recorded for The Masters of Response Summit has been this idea.

And in fact, it’s an idea on which the entire Masters of Response Summit was based.

It borders on the woo-woo.

If there’s such a thing as a reliable use of “The Law of Attraction” this is probably it.

In the case of The Masters of Response Summit, I’d had the idea for a while.  In fact, I probably had the idea to do this interview series before I even launched BTMSinsiders.

But, it wasn’t happening, and it wasn’t happening, and it wasn’t happening.

Until one day, I decided to get specific.  I set a date to make it happen.

And then, I even created an EMPTY landing page, revealing exactly ZERO of the interviewees!

I recorded a video for the opt-in page, explaining the concept.

And then, I got to work!

I started selling it.

I launched a Facebook campaign, the same day I sent out invites to the first group of potential interviewees.

I asked on Facebook who others thought were the top copywriters working today.

I put all kinds of things in motion, based on nothing more than an idea I’d made up — and then, it all started to come together!

One of my interviewees, Jake Hoffberg, told of the same process in his interview (I’ve already recorded a few).

A few months ago, Jake launched a private coaching program on writing short copy for long copy markets.

At the time, he’d managed to score a gig with a top financial publisher by starting with short copy such as emails, advertorials, landing pages, and so on.

He knew how much copy these publishers needed in this area (because most copywriters in the industry only want to write long copy promos).

He also knew how powerful it was to learn direct response by doing a ton of short copy first, before you tried to tackle the long copy promotions.

And so he made up a promise, as part of the training program.

Jake said that if you took his short copy program, he’d land you work at a major financial publisher.

He made that part up.

He had a hunch he could work his butt off and fulfill on that.

He knew it was a promise that was within his skill set.

But he had zero freaking clue how he’d make it happen.

He went to work.

He started training copywriters in his style of short copy, and the opportunity it represented.

And, he started knocking on doors.  Asking around.  Trying to find a major publisher who he could start to bring these copywriters in front of.

Then, it happened.

Agora Financial swung open the doors.

Just in time for Jake to fulfill on his promise.

And now he has copywriters who he’s trained moving to Baltimore to start in-house gigs at Agora.  Finally getting the breaks they’ve wanted.

The secret is to simply imagine a future you desire, and start taking action to make it real…

This isn’t rocket science.  And while I believe it’s the closest thing possible to The Law of Attraction (and will lead to amazing things happening in your life), it’s really not all that “magical” either.

In fact, it’s the very essence of entrepreneurship.

You come up with a vision of something you want to have happen.

And then, you work your butt off to make it real!

You put in the blood, sweat, and tears it takes.

You start to see success.

You realize some parts of your idea were just crazy — or don’t work, despite your belief they should.

Then, you keep moving forward.  Keeping your vision in mind.  But also being willing to pivot and change as it makes sense.

You keep moving forward.

The more momentum you build, the more you’ll keep building.

Make it up, make it real.

The only way to be an entrepreneur is to write your own dang rules!

And let me be clear.  Everyone I know who creates breakthrough marketing is entrepreneurial, in this sense.

They may not be out there starting new companies.  Heck, they may WANT TO work for someone else.

But they have this same “make it up, make it real” mindset.

You want to create a big new marketing campaign?  You want to craft a new funnel for a client or employer project?  You want to test new markets, or develop new products?

Make it up, and make it real.

If you’re going to fall in line with everybody else’s rules…

Meaning, if you’re going to live your life by whatever everybody else makes up…

You’ll consistently fall into the “average” range.

Not that average is bad.  If that’s what you want, embrace it.

But if you want greatness?  If you want to be extra-ordinary?

It’s time to start making things up, then making them real.

Get inspired by signing up for The Masters of Response Summit.

(And if you’re a BTMSinsiders member, these interviews will start to appear in your member’s area in the coming days.)

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr