It’s football season…

And while you won’t find me lost in the TV room all weekend, watching game after game, I do follow our local religion — Nebraska Cornhuskers Football.

And in anticipation of what’s bound to be an exciting season for Huskers fans, I’ve been thinking about lessons from football that you can apply to marketing.

You get 3 lessons in today’s video…

Two quick bits of housekeeping…

First, I’ve decided that I’m shutting down all new registrations for my Financial Copywriters Workshop at the end of next week.  Which means if you’ve been sitting on the fence to schedule a call with me, the time is now.

Click here for more info, and the link below the video to schedule the call.

Since Monday is Labor Day here in the US, we’ll be taking the day off and back at it on Tuesday, September 4th.  Make it a safe and happy weekend.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr