It's Mailbox Monday!  That means it's time to answer YOUR questions!

It’s Mailbox Monday! That means it’s time to answer YOUR questions!

I have 18 questions about today’s deadline to answer for you in this special edition of Mailbox Mondays. (Next week we’ll be back to the standard format!)

First, a reminder…

The clock is ticking.

Today is your last day to get FREE admission to (and free access to the recordings of) my Advanced Direct Response Copywriting workshop this November. As part of getting 12 months UNLIMITED access to me for copywriting mentoring, Q&A, business advice, copy critiques, and more.

The full details of the offer are here.

I think based on the spots left, I can accommodate just TWO more writers as part of this deal. If you’re interested, act fast to snag one of these spots for yourself.

Until very recently, I’ve never coached or worked with copywriters, except when working as a copy chief for my clients.

Earlier this year though, I worked with Julie Hassett, who had only recently launched her copywriting career full-time. After hiring me to copy chief and coach her for a project, the client turned around and offered her a 2-project contract worth $15,000.

Julie’s sharp, and definitely earned it. But in her words, “I couldn’t have done it without Roy’s on-target crits and unfailing support.”

That’s something you ONLY get through mentoring — it doesn’t matter how many books, programs, CDs, emails, podcasts, or anything else you consume. There’s a whole extra level of learning and success possible you can only get to through hands-on support.

So if you’re interested, remember…

Today is the LAST DAY EVER you’ll be able to get FREE admission to my Advanced Direct Response Copywriting workshop simply by signing up 12 months unlimited copywriting coaching…

With that said…

Let’s dive into the questions… First, about the coaching… Then, about the workshop…

Questions about the UNLIMITED copy coaching package…

“Will the coaching be offered on monthly installment payments?”

This was one of the first questions I got on the 12-month coaching package. Here’s the deal. I MIGHT eventually make this available for monthly installments. IF that happens, I can guarantee you two things. 1.) It WILL NOT include free access to the workshop — that’s through today only, and only at the 12-month price, and… 2.) It WILL NOT be as good of a deal as the annual price you can get today.

“Is it really UNLIMITED access to you?”

Yes, and no. Yes, because I’m not going to track the number of times you reach out to me, or how much total time we spend emailing back and forth or talking on the phone. You won’t get a bill for my time at $250 per hour, either. For the next year, I’m at your beckon call. And no, because there are some reasonable limitations that prevent me from becoming your full-time employee. Read all the details though, and you’ll be blown away by how much access you get to me for how little.

“Do I have to be a working copywriter to do this?”

Really, yes. I don’t think I can provide enough value to make this deal worth it unless you’re actively working as a copywriter — either freelance or selling your own products. That said, if you feel stuck in your copywriting career and want more… Or simply want to become a better copywriter because you know you could be selling more of your own products… Then this might be the deal of a lifetime

“I write copy for my own business — can I participate in this?”

YES! This 12-month copy mentorship program is for one person writing copy. So if you write copy for your business, you qualify. I’ll help you write stronger, more profitable copy to sell more of your products and services. However, I have another service if you have a team of copywriters you’d like help with. Please contact me at [email protected] for details.

“Do I have to meet you in-person for the coaching?”

Nope! The wonders of technology! We’ll correspond primarily by email and phone (or skype if you prefer) and I can even record our calls if required so you have access to them for future reference!

“How much time will it take?”

How much time will it take to write better copy? My goal is to help improve EVERY piece of copy you write, starting with the first one we work on together. So that could happen within days or weeks! How much time will it take total throughout the year? That’s largely up to you. Nearly 100% of this package allows you access to me “on-demand” — meaning it can be a big or little time commitment, depending on your needs.

“What can you help me with as part of the coaching?”

The other day I was emailing with a copywriter, answering a question, and I practically changed her entire business model. I showed her how she could take the work she was doing for one client, and potentially sell it only slightly modified to 50-100 clients around the country, at almost exactly the same rate, with very little additional work. This could completely change the course of her business, and multiply her profits many times over. This coaching is intended to make you a better copywriter, but also, a better marketer. And to help you grow your business, with the help of the copy you’re writing. Our primary focus is copy, but really, the sky is the limit.

“Will you help me with business questions?”

Yes, primarily around copy and marketing strategy. I’ll admit when I’m getting in too deep, and won’t go there. But I can take you quite deep in the realms where I play the most…

“When does my 12 months start?”

Now, with your payment. Or later, if you prefer. You’ll probably want to get started quickly. But I’ll work with you if you have, for example, a big summer vacation coming up.

“What makes this service really unique?”

I recently got an email that said they really appreciated that I was close enough to the start of my career that I can still vividly remember where they were at. This was coming from someone who was working on starting up their copywriting business. I think that’s something that gives me a huge advantage in coaching you, versus you chasing down one of the old pros. Sure, they may have a few more decades’ experience. But I’ve shot to the top of the direct response world quickly, AND I’m close enough to my beginnings to be able to pull you up, too… That’s part of why I’ve never seen a coaching or mentoring program quite like this.

“Can you really help ME become a much better, higher-paid copywriter?”

NO! (What?!) I believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. If you’re not ready for this, there’s nothing I can do with you over the next 12 months that will get you there. But if you, like Julie was earlier this year, are ready to take that next big step… I believe these next 12 months are going to be a wild ride for you — in the best of ways!

Questions about the workshop…

“What will you be covering at the Advanced Direct Response Copywriting workshop?”

In short, I will take you through the entire process I’d go through when approaching a brand new project for a brand new client, in a brand new market… To go from knowing NOTHING about the project… To having finished, winning, profitable copy in the market. This includes everything from coming up with that big idea, to crafting and honing the offer, to writing the full promotion, to everything you need to do around the promotion… And a whole lot more. There are some more specific details in the letter here.

“Who is the workshop for?”

This is not an “intro to copywriting” workshop. This is for direct response copywriters who have started working in the field… Who have recognized that it’s not all a cake-walk… That success can be hit-and-miss while you’re still really figuring out what you need to do to consistently write profitable and winning promos… And who are ready to take their copywriting skills and results to the next level. In short, it WILL live up to the title of being an ADVANCED Direct Response Copywriting workshop.

“What are the dates of your workshop?”

Thursday, November 13th, 2014 through Saturday, November 15, 2014… Which is still two weeks before Thanksgiving, for you Holiday-watchers! 🙂  Though remember, if you can’t make these dates you will ALSO get access to the recordings as soon as they are available.

“Where is the workshop being held?”

In the NEW Hyatt Place Hotel, here in beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s in the newly-built Railyard District, in the historic Haymarket neighborhood. This has been the center of a HUGE investment in our community in recent years, and the whole area bustles with entrepreneurship, community, good eats, and more. Plus, the hotel is a wonderful facility, staffed with wonderful people all around!

“How easy is it to get there?”

Lincoln does have a small-but-busy commercial airport (LNK), and the hotel has a free (on-demand) shuttle to and from the airport (taxis, cars, and rentals are also available from the airport). Flying directly into Lincoln costs a tiny bit more, but it’s worth it. You can also fly into Omaha’s airport (OMA), but you’re looking at an hour drive, or longer if you take the inter-city shuttle.

“Do you have a room block available?”

Yes! Just $119 per night gets you either a Double Queen or a King. The hotel’s new, the bedding is award-winning. It’s in a great location. And you’ll be taken care of 24/7 by the hotel’s wonderful staff PLUS as part of my event.

“What about that dinner and wine tasting?”

As part of the event, you’ll get breakfast each day… You’ll get lunch two out of three days (the other I want you to explore my wonderful city — you have dozens of choices within blocks)… AND I’m working out a special dinner and wine tasting… At Nebraska’s ONLY restaurant to receive Wine Spectator magazine’s Best Award of Excellence… And they’ve gotten it three years running! It’s called The Oven. It’s a local favorite (including mine!). And I just so happen to know the sommelier!

Did I miss any?

If you have any URGENT questions, email me at [email protected]. Or call me at 402-817-4888 — normally I don’t take unscheduled calls, but I’ll try to pick up for the rest of the day today so you can hit the deadline.

Or, simply click here to grab one of the TWO remaining spots for 12 months UNLIMITED copy coaching from me, AND free admission to my upcoming copywriting workshop!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets