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yesThis will most certainly be seen by some as a ploy…

As we approach the last chance EVER deadline to go through the Story Selling Master Class at the introductory price of $497, I’m going to tell you to say “yes.”

And you know what?  You’re right!  It is a ploy!

That’s at least one motive for me choosing this particular topic today.

But once upon a time, one of the greatest copywriters in history, Gary Bencivenga, told me that one of his secrets was to make his advertising itself valuable.

That is, whether or not you buy, you’re going to get exceptional value simply by consuming the advertising message.

So even though I’m going to give you at least one more big call-to-action before this essay is done, I can promise that I’m ALSO going to deliver an incredible amount of value.

So, if you’ve somehow made your way into marketing and business with the skewed bias against selling that some seem to have — and will turn off just because you know a pitch is coming — you can stop reading now.

However, if you embrace both the “how to” and the act of marketing and selling, and are willing to consider a pitch when you’re also getting a great (FREE!) education in some of the most powerful principles in persuasion and business, you’re going to love today’s issue…

How saying “yes” can change your life…

I’ve been listening to some personal development podcasts recently, and have most definitely heard a common theme coming up.

If you want a great life, you have to learn to say “yes” with confidence — even when you don’t know what’s on the other side.

— Want a great career?  Find out what you can say “yes” to, and say it emphatically.

— Want great relationships?  Say “yes,” even when your first reaction is to say “no.”

— Want a great life?  Say “yes” and embrace it.

There’s a lot of power in being willing to say “yes”…

My wife and I were dating as we both finished college.  She knew she was going on in school, and would be pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology.  She also knew she would not be doing that in Lincoln, Nebraska, where we both lived.

At one point, she made it clear to me: “I’m not willing to move across the country unless we’re fully committed to this.”

That was the smartest and best “yes” of my life.  (And she said “yes” about 4 months later!)

In terms of my career, I’d actually been saying “no” a lot around that time.  I’d graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and there wasn’t much I could do with it.

Then, I discovered copywriting.

Frankly, I’d hated marketing and advertising up until that point.  My mom had encouraged me to consider it as a career field, but I rejected it because I basically understood it to be local TV commercials and Super Bowl ads.  That wasn’t for me.

But in direct response, I discovered that there was a field of marketing where you were accountable to results, and every campaign was a challenge to beat your own best.

THAT spoke to me.  And so I said “yes!”

A few months later, I had my first marketing job, at a company I’d help to more than double sales and put on the Inc. Magazine 500|5000 list.

From there, I was able to launch a successful freelance copywriting career, and have ridden that wave since 2010.

Many people say “no” when faced with opportunity — the only way to be happy and to succeed is to be willing to say “yes”…

When I discovered copywriting, I was working in the call center of the local gas company.

When people hadn’t paid their bill all winter and we shut off service on the first warm day of spring, I was the guy they called to yell at.

There were people who’d somehow put up with that job for DECADES.

What a miserable existence!  (They’re now out of work as the company closed that call center after its second merger in a decade.)

These are people who said “no” to the unknown — who’d said “no” to opportunity.

I said “yes,” and was out of there quick.

Now, clients pay me as much for a single project as I made in a YEAR at that job.

That’s what can happen when you say “yes.”

One of the biggest barriers where we still say “no”…

You’re with me up to this point, but I’m going to make you uncomfortable.

Most people love this message, up until now.

Because it’s mostly theoretical, and motivational.

There’s some behavior changes that can come from all this saying “yes,” but there’s little cost to you.

Very early on, I’d bought copywriting and marketing books.  I was learning a lot.

And because I was already moving across the country, I was fortunate to have been forced to say “yes” to a job change into marketing maybe before I was really ready.

But then it took me more than 4 years to make a real serious financial investment in myself.

I played small.  I was tight-fisted.  I bought books off Amazon, yes.  I even bought a couple AWAI programs, where the monthly payments were $39/month.

But I was cheap.

In that time, I did manage to have some success.  I got my first clients.  I connected with some amazing people.  And by working with the right clients, I even got some high-quality educational materials on marketing.

That said, I was still stuck.

I was in a 9-to-5 job that I didn’t love (even though in many ways it was one of the best jobs you could ever hope for) and I knew I had bigger opportunities awaiting me.

But it wasn’t until I started investing in myself and DEMANDING ROI that I really took off…

This was a whole new way of saying “yes.”

I went to my first AWAI Bootcamp in fall 2009.  And as valuable as I think that event is, there was something more powerful at work.

When I put down my fee to attend and bought my plane tickets, I created a spreadsheet.  I tracked every penny of expense to attend that first year.  Then, I made a vow to myself and my wife to make it back, many times over.

Long story short, 3 months and 3 days later I walked out of my 9-to-5 for the very last time.

AND I’d already booked out my first couple months’ worth of full-time freelance work.

And I got busy.

I’d said “yes” to investing in myself — and then I made sure it paid off.

I still rely on things I learned at that first Bootcamp today.

My first big “yes” to investing in myself is still paying off.

I consider investing in yourself to be the best “yes” you can give…

Heck, Warren Buffett says investing in your own knowledge is the best investment you could make.  And he became the richest man in the world with investing.

When you invest in yourself — especially in life-long skills such as Story Selling — you’re making an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

This is your final opportunity to say “YES” to the Story Selling Master Class at the introductory price…

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My goal is to deliver 100X ROI to everyone who uses what they learn.

The reality is the potential is much, much higher.

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This is a great opportunity to say “yes” to a bigger, brighter, more prosperous future with a relatively small investment in yourself.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr