Is selling evil?

Is it moral?  Is it ethical?  What’s your take?

Today’s video issue of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets addresses the question head-on.

I got the question from a subscriber.

And if you’ve been a subscriber for long enough, you probably know my answer.  But I don’t know if you’ll be surprised at just how far I take it.

Here’s the question…


I’m a newbie at copywriting. In fact, I haven’t even written a piece of copy yet for a client… because I don’t have any. But that aside, the main reason why I haven’t started is because of a “moralistic” uncertainty.

I guess what I want to know is if there is anyway to use what I’ve learned, to be of benefit to people in a meaningful way.

One that doesn’t feel like I’m manipulating people into buying a useless product or unnecessary service.

Or a niche that doesn’t need to resort to that kind of copy and actually delivers honest value to their respected customers.



PS: I did read one of your Blog posts titled, “Lies, Manipulation, and the Ethics of Copywriting,” which I found to be beneficial to part of my woes.  Anything likened to that would be great at setting my soul at ease.

Watch today’s video now for my answer.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr