How do you write emails that get people to click?

[Hint: you’re reading an example.]

One of my subscribers, John, said he’s new to email copywriting.

And he wants to know how to structure email marketing copy.

A lot of people in my position would just give a template.  (Actually, sell it to you.)

And they’d insist you have to fill in the blanks.

But what happens then, is you end up with emails that look like everyone else’s.

And when you look like everyone else, you don’t get attention or readership — much less the sale.

So instead I give…

Two rules for effective email copy…

They’re remarkably simple to remember.

Following them will make your emails perform better.

And in at least one sense, they make emails much faster and easier to write.

I also give a few different examples, applying these rules.

How to use them to write short emails.

How to use them to write long emails.

This does border on “template” but it’s pretty wide open how you use it.

So you won’t write me-too emails.

You can follow my template and every email you write will still feel new and unique.

So you can engage prospects, and get them to click.

It’s all in today’s video issue.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthrough,

Roy Furr

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