What are the fee and deal options to getting paid as a copywriter?

Today I recorded a quick video to share the 4+1 main ways copywriters can get paid.  And yes, that includes royalties.

I share pros and cons of each approach, and how depending on where you’re at, all but one can be the best way for you.

(But I don’t ever recommend you do #2.)

Here’s today’s video issue…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

NOTE: Shiv Shetti’s Flaming Camel training for getting $3k to $5k copywriting retainers (from multiple clients) was a hit with BTMS readers.  He does still have the case study up but he did say his calendar is pretty full for his free consultations on helping you get started.  If you’re still interested in multiple clients paying you as much as $5k every month, don’t wait to check this out.