Your business can’t grow bigger than your leadership allows…

This is an eternal truth of business.

Your capacity as a leader is the biggest limiting factor on your business’s growth.

And until you grow your leadership, your business will be forever constrained.

Think of it like an oak tree.  You give an oak tree the right soil and nutrients and room to grow, and it can grow well over 100 feet tall.

You can also raise an oak tree like a bonsai.  Forever constraining its growth in the tiniest of pots.  And it might not even reach 12 inches.

The difference isn’t the species — it’s the room it’s given to grow.

A catalytic business leader creates the space for the business to grow.

My guest in today’s episode, Dr. William Attaway, shares how to be a better leader, through Catalytic Leadership…

How To Be A Better Leader In Business & Beyond

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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